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751 ReadItWithSarcasm There’s audio of LBJ calling a tailor to tell him he needs an extra inch in his crotch for his bunghole. I laugh every time I hear it.
297 kkashyyyk Typically, the President says “bung-hole” Context:
2727 mminnoww > we would only publish swear words in rare cases when they are **necessary to the understanding of a person or situation** I am reminded of Dir. Comey's reasoning for taking notes of every meeting he had with Trump: because of the "nature of the person" he was dealing with. This is also why transcripts of every interview must be produced with his malformed sentences, contradictions, and leaps of logic intact. It's increasingly clear that he's unable to function like a normal adult. It's important that the public know that.
2940 Mikey4021 It is bigger news that WP published a swear word than it is that the president said a swear word in public. We are doomed. Edit: Tidied up.
948 Redstonefreedom I really think most people in this thread are missing the more important point, both Trumpers & anti-Trumpers. The problem is not whether calling a country that has predominantly "brown people" as the anti-trumpers themselves are saying is racist. Trump is **not**, as much as people will want to argue, being *unambiguously racist* here. And it certainly isnt the profanity (I mean, who gives a shit, really? Neither side, and each knows it) The problem is he's being unambiguously sociopathic here. It wouldn't be nearly the same if Trump said "god, these shithole countries are in a rough spot, we should probably continue protections for their peoples." Instead, he may as well have said, "fuck these people, their countries are shitholes. Why should I care about these losers?" The problem is the guy sees human suffering and thinks "ew, gross" when you *would hope* a world leader sees human suffering and thinks, SAYS: "we've got to do something about this." But, to the point of "sides" as I mentioned... if you're defending Trump in this... come on, really?
492 MrCartmenes I wonder how one of the most diverse and liberal cities in the world (and has been since it was founded by the Romans) is going to react when he visits London at the end of Feb?
17 aardbark123 >"Trump then suggested that the United States should instead bring more people from countries such as Norway, whose prime minister he met with Wednesday." Maybe Norwegians, enjoying cradle-to-the-grave social democracy, and ranked the happiest people on earth, view the US as a shithole.
141 joftheinternet This shit is going to be in history books.