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In the wake of news that Barnes and Noble is circling the drain, commentator lists a DOZEN ways the company has failed to innovate over the past decade
Redditor gives worst case scenario to an underage party
Redditor briefly explains how stocks in a company works.
Redditor describes the most beautifully suicidal animal on earth.
Hotel Front Desk Staff Eats Dinner With Man Whose Wife is in the Neighboring Hospital Every Evening for 2 Months.
A man explains how to effectively catch pigeons in the city
Redditor thought Alexa called 911 when he asked it to play Garth Brooks, but it was actually part of the song
Video of children in Africa seeing/hearing a fiddle for the first time. Real life fiddler shows up in Reddit.
Redditor writes a poem about a bench
Redditor details how effective the Russian propaganda campaign was and how it prompted them to change their vote in 2016
u/RunDNA shows a list of 241 posts from T_D that have been linked to one of the fake Russian twitter accounts from yesterday’s indictment. Top comment by u/f_k_a_g_n actually shows over 1,000 posts from T_D linked to the same twitter account.
Redditors rewrite Eminem's Without Me after a man was caught using a cell phone jammer to block the signals of everyone around him on his work commute.
Redditor debunks very common misconception about "heritability" in genes
The contagion theory of school shootings and why "mental health" and "gun control" won't fix the underlying problem.
User gave four times what is required to bankrupt grocery chain
Redditor tries out their new Amazon Echo, accidentally calls 911, hilarity ensues.
Redditor provides detailed information on how to spot and deal with toxic relationship partners
The Story of Anne, an Everyday “Mr. Rogers”
Redditor deftly cuts to the chase with an exceptionally adequate description of his former religion.
u/SenorBeef perfectly explains why an Assault weapons ban is not a good idea, will only hurt Democratic party
/u/khalo0odz defends Lebron James after Laura Ingraham's statements and explains how Lebron is the perfect example of the 'American Dream'
Redditor investigates and finds that OP who “ran into” Michael B. Jordan most likely works for Disney
Veterans and active duty military members network to get Junior ROTC member, Peter Wang, a burial with military honors after he lost his life bravely helping others to escape the Florida school shooting.
(crypto) /u/arsonbunny nails why threads asking "When is $10,000 per ETH realistic?" are actually really, really risky right now, with 'Tether' about to blow up into a full-blown scandal.
Redditor u/yakusokuN8 lays out exactly how a toxic narcissist will react to hurting your feelings.
Redditor decides to quit smoking in the comments of a post about a man saved by CPR, receives great support from other redditors
Redditor writes a touching children's story on-the-fly about a baby elephant learning that it's ok to be different.
User calls out what 9GAG really is.
2meirl4meirl perfectly sums up Reddit comments
User notes Russian indictment mentions US citizen being paid "to build a cage large enough to hold an actress depicting Clinton in a prison uniform". Another user comes through with a photo of a parade around election time featuring an actress in a cage dressed as Clinton in a prison uniform.
Google removes the super useful 'view image' button on Google Image Search, u/d3ver promptly offers a fix to bring the functionality back.
Former Nice Guy provides concise and thorough advice on dating and unrequited love
Redditor explains how a programming language gets a bad reputation, giving a brief history of PHP.
u/tremble_and_despair - Links to a two year old thread that literally mirrors one of the charges found in the indictment of 13 Russian officials, who have been charged for interfering in the US Election. This shows how Russian narratives influenced supporters of Bernie Sanders to turn on Hillary.
Redditor explains the difference in gun ownership of the USA and the rest of the world
Montana cowboy /u/kingrural delivers a really interesting perspective on unsustainable agricultural practices.
Officer, who helped clear room OP was in during school shooting, shows up in I/AMA to offer heartfelt condolences and advice
Autistic redditor combs through the FCC net neutrality comments, finds 1.3 million copies of one spambot comment
Redditor shares a picture of their daughter hugging one of the comfort dogs in Parkland Florida. Another Redditor pens touching poem from the view of the support dog.
Redditor gives a great (first-hand) explanation of how Australia went about it's gun "ban"
43 ButtsexEurope For people who deride liberals for censorship, the right sure likes to censor stuff.
16 Going2getBanned I mean just one of things done should be enough not to vote these people out of office. Yet do it 50 times and you get reelected over and over.
1 CaptainKittycat Is CNN still doxxin’ people makin gifs?
1 maxwellsdaemons This is all so not *normal*. Why can't we go back to the good old days when reporters could chuckle along with the president and if a journalist broke a particularly embarrassing story then he could be hounded by the DoJ instead of being dragged through the mud by the president on Twitter. #Resist.
-3 skekze Are you ready for some football?
0 I_love_Coco I feel like there is some mistaken belief involved here where some liberal people think that conservatives believe in a 100% unqualified 1st amendment. This has never been the case. Like just about every amendment, there is a lot of nuance to it. A lot of these are just trump's back and forth with the press, and ive always puzzled over the libel one. Like he's so against the free speech to want people to be liable for hurting others via their lies? How dare he???