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100 Infinity-- It’s still an unverified claim.
114 Foojira Terrible person running unopposed I hate the last two years Make it stop
64 _dauntless Gone wild makes you submit verification so that we know you are who we say you are, but we're just going to take this guy's word?
27 seanprefect can confirm Source: I'm the poster's son.
22 atarijpb1969 Happy for the son who carved out his own life when he could have just become another statistic. That’s the real American Dream.
6 decaboniized Account created today and makes this story? How gulliable are people? Jesus Christ.
3 badgeringthewitness >He asked me if I was a Democrat or Republican, and I replied (honestly) that I am unaffiliated because I find political labels to be useless and detrimental to decent discourse. My justification was that as soon as someone identifies, or is identified, with a particular political party or ideology, they are confined into a box and all the assumptions that come along with it. It becomes a battle between sides and winning over everything else, rather than discussion and solutions. >He paused for a moment, and then said "You know, I completely agree... and I wish the liberals would stop doing things like that." Without making any claims about the veracity of OP's assertions, this should be viewed as a powerful indicator to identify if someone has gone off the partisan deep end.
6 Sgt_America No proof needed. Just take him at face value.
8 Karma9999 The AMA sub requires proof of identity before allowing a post. This is in /r/politics which obviously has much lower standards. Literally a 1 day old account/hit piece gets posted to bestof? C'mon, your bias is showing.
2 thisismyusernameaqui Assuming the poster is who he says he is, that post still needs to be taken with a grain of salt. OP wrote from the point of view of the abandoned son. Of course he feels negatively about his absentee father. Now that doesn't discount his statements, but it's just something to consider.