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Why does it cost $32,093 just to give birth in America? - User goes step by step through the propaganda & false science surrounding America's aversion to universal healthcare
Redditor explains just how broken the US immigration system really is
Redditor gives a chilling overview of the awful life the Koch brothers have lived
Redditor buys bike from crackhead at 3AM. Bike's owner shows up with proof of ownership.
/u/dogcomplex gives a good breakdown of post-postmodernism to someone new to the sub taking into account his/her STEM background
Redditors offer explanations for how the dinosaurs became extinct
User describes the kind of love you feel when you have a child
Oznog99 postulates how you would die if you stood on the surface of Venus
u/PoppinKream explains why Jared Kushner is likely under investigation.
Redditor scripts how mad scientists gave birth to a most hated meme
A beautiful and sad chain about meeting friends in video games and then never speaking to them again.
User explains one reason alcholics build tolerance, and why detox is dangerous
Redditor writes a beautiful romance between Anakin and Obi-Wan
PORTMANTEAU-BOT encouraging bigotry in Texas.
/u/sapphic_not_sophist eloquently deconstructs a video on the "is science a social construct" debate by using concepts from the video to illustrate his point
An excellent summary of the break between economic theory and real life.
Redditor describes the worst two hour helicopter ride imaginable.
User talk about the effect of #MeToo on families.
Redditor explains why he watches Let’s Plays
Request for instructions to a lego automated fleshlight
/u/Nicknam4 writes a 274 word comment entirely omitting the letter "a"
Man cheats on his wife
u/xenongfx's Advice from five years ago. It's currently helping me breathe normally for the first time in days.
u/TropicTorpedo describes the perfect crime
User explains emotional connection to Trump Tweets
/u/Bumblemeister describes the adorable human race as if from a outside alien observer.
u/Bananawamajama on the training of VERY exotic pets
A hypothetical question about God leads to the creation of a new religion, complete with OC copypasta.
u/daitosh describes what it means to be human "...human nature is to protect each other...humans will throw themselves into floods and flames to safe a stranger, often killing themsleves in the processes..."
Kind redditors gifted money to another Venezuelan User for food and tickets to emigrate for the entire family
/u/LouRider Explains How To Deal With In-Laws
You Are Goddamn Right Pokémon is Dark
/u/bad_luck_dragon shares a compiled list of all recent attacks on free speech and media
Redditor fells life is meaningless after meditation, gets an in depth reply.
Reddit comment chain turns in to a Trump themed version of supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
/u/Says_Jesus_Christ explains Paris' architectural design, expansion, and environmental considerations
u/Cteinfused starts a Dr. Seuss story about Daddy Daughter Snowboard Time
User accurately describes each state' personality and whereabouts at a party.
Dad does a meme how he cries most days missing his son who is at uni.Lady replies with how he should tell him because her dad didn't, she took it he wasn't that bothered, not that he worried what to say/didn't want to bother her and she only found out how much he cared & missed her after he died
Redditor shares his story of doing Jury Nullification as a juror for an 18 year old kid.
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7 0 throwawayyyyyassss There are many options besides traditional therapy you might want to look into. A lot of therapists offer sliding-scale fees based on how much you can afford. Look for support groups that meet every week/month. There is also online therapy which is usually cheaper than traditional one-on-one, face-to-face therapy. You are doing well by just posting on and reading this subreddit. RBN has given me so much insight into my own past and my Nmom's abusive behavior, that I feel like I've already gotten through half the battle of therapy already. In short, get professional support, do research, dig into your past and think about the how and why of each decision you made, and each place you ended up at. Your parents were the initial programmers of this awful game, but now that these cruel devs are gone, you're free to re-write the game's code so that you no longer have to be imprisoned inside the storyline they chose for you! You just have to learn the programming language first. ;)