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1291 horrificmedium Does it do facial recognition, or just facial recognition?
179 boborgeorge Applying science to "science". Well... this day was bound to come sooner or later.
2838 setfire3 I constantly fear the day where cooperations have AI's that are powerful enough to learn my browsing history and are able to provide me the most satisfying sauces I can possibly Imagine. This will lead me to end up never leaving the house again and having my all my money given to them.
550 doomsdaymelody Time to see if I have a doppelgänger in porn
122 42ndtime The fact that they didn't go with dopplebanger makes me sad.
576 hehehehahahaha Just to let you guys know, tested it with a person from high school that turned into a pornstar, and it got it 100 percent correct
84 Fillimilli Okay, this sounds weird but I really want to use this on myself. Several years back, I woke up to multiple panicked and angry messages from my then boyfriend about a picture his friend had sent him of "me" posing nude. I looked at the picture and the girl could honestly be my long lost identical twin. When you looked closely, you could tell that there were some obvious differences, which was why he did believe that it wasn't me, but at first glance it was uncanny. I kinda want to find out some more about my porn star twin. Maybe ask her how she got our hair to look so nice.
673 ToneBox627 This is a hotdog...this is a not hot dog.
748 BraveSirRobin The war on anonymity continues apace.
57 BRedd10815 3 months ago? Did it just go live or something?
304 issiautng Aaaaand reddit hugged it to death in two hours. Good job, reddit. Never change.
987 bobbybob188 That robot's name? Ted Cruz.
24 skeddles The list it compares to is only 1800 people. You are not going to find the person you are looking for. They need to automate adding people or this tool will never be useful to anyone.
24 TheLamestUsername If you train AI to recognize bridges and lighthouses, you would kill it at r/picturegame *although, you'd have to defeat masking*
12034 0 Motorboat_Jones [Runs to go get high school yearbook]
3249 0 PanzerKadaver Fun-fact : You can input a photo of your crush to find similar-looking pornstars.
1946 0 emken Shit the robots are going to make my heroism obsolete. edit: Hullo there r/bestof.
448 0 rps_killerwhale This could be big!
429 0 [deleted] Yeah this could be huge so remember me when you are rich <3 Edit: Only bug I notice is when clicking the again button after you have searched, the box for uploading a file disappears until you hover the mouse over it, apart from that it seems great
744 0 LongLiveDevo Absolute cancer in mobile devices. Fewer pop ups/ads, find a freemium model.
351 0 daveberzack It says it's only for women, but guys, you can enter in your own photo to see what you'd look like as a very beautiful, very slutty woman.
246 0 donkey_of_silenus First, great work, always cool to see projects like this. r/dopplebangher would probably be interested in this. You may be interested in this post from /r/machinelearning about CNNs for nipple detection. Another cool feature (though would require a lot more work and training) would be breast/ass/body similarity results.
225 0 IAmAMansquito Did we kill his site...yep it's ded
171 0 [deleted] [deleted]
120 0 tomatobutt You're doing god's work.