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6 tc_whitley This is a cute thread where everyone was willing to play along. This is that whole "Good side of Reddit" that you hear about but don't often see much of any longer.
3 tocilog Since they're not humans, livestock and are not an invasive species it shouldn't be an issue. Kinda like how the Canada goose can freely travel between Canada and the US.
347 0 countessmeemee They have the right to be both Irish fairies and British fairies under the GFA, or both, so they will remain in the same way as before, even if they only have Irish citizenship. Reassure your daughter that her fairies will be fine. Although travelling to the republic may be a bit of a pain in future. Customs drones may be hovering over the obscure fairies crossings to intercept any dust not compliant with EU standards in the future. Tell her fairies not to be smuggling any of that American stuff with the hormones and the steroids and we should be grand!
138 0 thecaramel I'm not a lawyer but I dated, very briefly, a Fae-Brit a few years ago who worked at a prominent Magic Circle law firm. According to her, most citizenship matters regarding the Fae in Britain are dealt in legislation stemming from before EU citizenship laws were in place. As you may know, a fairy has both citizenship in the mortal world and their respective Conclaves. According to the 1894 Act of Fae and Munchkin Citizenship in Her Majesty's Kingdom (really Victorians? "Munchkin"! What an archaic and offensive term! Even for the 19th century), all Faefolk resident in England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland (but not, interestingly, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands) as of 1890, and their lawful descendants are citizens of the U.K. This was further clarified by the Acts of Fae Naturalization of 1921 (possibly in recognition of Fae contributions in the Arctic front against imperial German gremlins) and 1933, extending the citizenship of Fae-British to Faefolk who were resident of British territories in the empire and of Faefolk who had performed at least three of the seven Rites of Sunrise and otherwise resident in territories that were recognized as being constituent of the Conclave of the British Isles and Doggerland. (Again, the dubious status of the Isle of Man was not clarified.)
64 0 dedalus05 My friend's daughter proudly showed me the fairy doors in her room. I suggested she put a mouse trap out to catch one, because fried fairy wings are said to be a delicious delicacy. She is a clever six year old, and knows Uncle Dedalus was teasing. Still, the look she gave me.
77 0 tmstms user reports: 1: shitpost Mod comment: Spoilsport!! And more or less all reddit is shitposting anyway....
31 0 apple_kicks Be careful about telling the UK Border Agency. With old fashioned Faerie lore they might start questioning if you daughter is human or a changeling swapped over by the Faeries.
23 0 TopTrumpWANKER Silly question; will Fairy Liquid be more expensive after Brexit? If fairies are more restricted due to visa and border access to the UK, that may mean the production of Fairy Liquid will become more arduous and - in the process - more expensive for the consumer.
19 0 0ffice_Zombie The Otherworld is covered as part of the CTA, it'll be grand. I'll remind you that travel to the Otherworld as a mortal is at one's own risk and neither the Irish or British governments take responsibility for any ageing, changing and enchantments or magical abilities that appear.
20 0 Cassian_Andor The doors come from Ireland but the fairies don't. If you install a door, it attracts local fairies (well faeries really) who are currently homeless through no-one's fault not even the Tories.
17 0 4of4 > so I assume the Fairies are Irish Citizens The Fairies will remain alive as long as someone believes in them, the one who believes in them the most is the one who is responsible for them and they inherit from their their citizenship. The CTA may or may not apply - if it doesn't, the believer will have to pass several income tests and probably have to earn around £18K a year to prove that the Fairy is not a dependent on the State - since there are three of them and if my Tory maths checks out, it means the the little girl will have to earn £54K a year to support her dependants. She may also have to under go evaluation to see if she is not earning rental income from these three Fairy doors and that she is not supporting illegal immigrants.
16 0 PressAltF4ToContinue > they are not working (as far as I know) You should still be able to get a refund or replacement under the Good Fairy Agreement, unless it's their arms, as per the GFA all fairy arms were put beyond use. This only applies to Northern Irish faeries of course, new Republican faeries can be obtained by sending 10 Guinness bottle caps and a stamped SAE to any Irish Republic pub. You're on your own with Irish traveller faeries, watch out for them as they are known to offer substandard driveway paving and unlicensed Tooth fairy services.
13 0 borg88 Bloody fairies, coming over here and taking over the bottom of peoples' gardens. Displacing British worms who have lived there for generations.
14 0 matinthebox I think this matter is too important to be dealt with by laymen on reddit. Seek counsel from a lawyer who specializes in international fairy law and combine that with letters to the ombudsman for fairy issues of the EU and the person responsible for the fairy community in the UK government department for communities and local government.
10 0 Schlack There is reciprocal legislation in both states that UK and Irish citizens are not considered foreign in either jurisdiction. This is completely separate from the common travel area. Whether those arrangements that preexist the eu can now survive once one of the states leaves is not 100% clear. For UK citizens in Ireland they will likely have the right to live and work here but that will not extend to anywhere else in eu.
9 0 JohnStow The only problem I can see is if they get ill, and under the proposed policy, may have to present some ID to the Department of Elf.