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324 asbruckman I had dinner with him once at an MIT Media Lab event in the 1990s. He was a nice, smart man. I remember most strongly that he seemed burdened by everyone's expectation that hanging out with him would be hilarious. He wasn't that kind of funny. He was a thoughtful man who had interesting things to say, but he didn't crack a lot of jokes or say witty things all the time.
441 sraaschjr Started to listen to the BBC audiobook version of Hitchhikers on my way to and from work and it’s wonderful. I look forward to sharing it with my kids in the future.
353 Tebwolf359 I’m always saddened by that Douglas Didn’t get to see the smartphone revolution. He loved technology. One of my favorite books is Salmon of Doubt, including his essays for Mac world.
240 noodlesoupstrainer Bastard was supposed to speak at my sister's graduation. I was all excited to see him, then he had the infernal cheek to die.
922 NoSarcasmIntended Between Adams and Pratchett, I'm going to be heartbroken for the rest of my life. I get some small joy in the fact that my 16 year old daughter has begun reading them, however.
113 Muhammad-al-fagistan Watch and read Dirk Gently. Dirk is no Heart of Gold, but it's still good stuff.
56 EvilAnagram I just heard Neil Gaiman speak in Cincinnati. He had some lovely and hilarious things to say about Douglas. One that stands out is that Adams hated writing, but loved having written and was once locked in a hotel room to finish a book.
182 AdkRaine11 Happy Birthday and thanks for all the fish...
40 larockus I didn't realize it was his birthday, I just finished reading the Hitchhikers Guide again on Friday. Woke up this morning and watched the movie. (I know, it's not generally liked, but I enjoy it.) It's like my subconscious was trying to remind me to celebrate.
45 MDPlayer1 right after wanting to be a writer hit me like a car crash, Hitchhiker's was one of the first 20 or so books that were recommended as books I had to read in studying the craft. Blown away. I read the first two--I recently bought Dirk Gently, and plan on at some point also going back and reading the rest of the series. Funnily enough, though, at the beginning of my copy of Hitchhikers (it was the printing with all 5), there's a prologue by some writer. It goes on for 5-10 pages about Adams' life and his writing methods. At the end, you find out who the writer is--it was Neil Gaiman himself.