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12 CroweMorningstar I lost a lot of respect for the reviewer when they said that they love shitting on other people's favorite books. Even if you're a critic, it seems pretty childish. Also, calling Cormac McCarthy and Don DeLillo godawful ruined their credibility for me. I can understand not liking them, but claiming two of the best living authors are terrible is just stupid. As for the rest, yes, postmodernism can be a bit self-involved and some would say pretentious, but that's kind of the point. Not every great novel has to be revolutionary. Seems like the author just isn't a fan of postmodernism, but that's their problem, not the authors'.
7 thechikinguy This is an awfully long-winded, pretentious way of saying "I didn't like The Nix."
8 weeeee_plonk I think a better title for this article would be "how cynicism and authors' inflated sense of their own cleverness ruined literary fiction". It seemed like the article's main complaint is that the authors of modern novels try to hard to be clever and (I hate to use this word) *ironic* with their misanthropic characters, and completely miss the possibility of inspiring their readers to better themselves. I have found that most of the recently-published literary fiction novels I've read in the past few years have felt empty in emotion - I just don't connect to them the same way I connect to fantasy, YA, or romance books (or older lit fic). Perhaps that's a personal character flaw and not a problem with the books, but it may also be because lit fic books are too pessimistic. I also really liked [this bingo card]( that showed up in the middle of the article. edit: I realize now that in the past three years I've only read three books that may be considered (modern) literary fiction, those being *The Woman Upstairs* by Clair Messud, *This Is How You Lose Her* by Junot Díaz, and *Middlesex* by Jeffrey Euginides. The plot of TWU felt pointless, though I liked the protagonist and the prose. Both TIHYLH and Middlesex were interesting and I don't think they had the problems discussed in this article. Anyway, perhaps the reason why I feel like I don't connect to modern lit fic is because I don't read it ;)
3 doctor_wongburger He's angry that a satire had comedy? Is he brain damaged?