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1475 tinylilorange As a Tolkien fan, and also a wuxia enthusiast, I am so looking forward to put my hands on these books!
1651 hextanerf As a Chinese native, I can tell you confidently that we don't refer to this series as "the LOTR of Chinese literature". **Edit**: I'm still in college so I can't reply to everyone here, but I'll point out a few things as an update. Before that, I want to disclaim that I'm no authority, only a student of literature. I speak from experience. Jin Yong is a big-name writer in China, and his *wuxia* (or more accurately for me, "wandering mercenary"/journey-er) fictions are widely loved and read. His *wuxia* stories are not comparable to Tolkien's Middle Earth, because in essence they're not of the western "sword-and-magic" fantasy stories as people would think of. *Qigong* and Kung Fu are not considered as magic, but elements from a traditional school of thought in China called Daoism. One could argue the similarities of sword art, mysterious power, and perhaps political background/feud, etc., but they're more like different branches on two trees. Chinese - at least my friends, family, and teachers - don't consider the two together, but I have to admit it's a refreshing idea (that feels like derogatory to both authors' works at the same time). BTW, a lot of Jin Yong's stories have been adapted into TV series, and while I've never read the books, I grew up watching the shows (I'm an early post-90s). It's like coffee and tea. Would you call coffee the "Western tea" or tea "Asian coffee"? I hope not, because their function and usage are not the same. For some haters out there: I'm laughing at how childish your comments are. Go out more, or find medical care.
274 jurassicbond It doesn't seem to be available in America yet, nor can I find a release date
51 JarredFrost Iirc this one has a cartoon adaptation?
99 Johnny_Dev My wife loves that series, but she swears by the 80's version that she grew up with. If I'm not mistaken, the series is remade every decade or so.
19 AntiqueGreen I’ll have to find a way to get that. Too bad I can’t buy an English translation in China! Still have to finish the Three Body Problem, anyway, so it’s probably for the best.
39 robot2084tron [Jin Yon Wiki] ( >Of these, the novels (The Legend of the Condor Heroes, The Return of the Condor Heroes, and The Heavenly Sword and the Dragon Saber) make up the Condor Trilogy and should be read in that order
88 wrs_swtrs Annnnd bought. Now to wait three weeks..... look at my comments for the link, im eating right now
15 THEBanshee04 It’s a great series, I’ve reread it thrice. For those who wanna take a look, there are multiple TV adaptations that you can watch, though I’m not sure whether there are English subs available.
192 batt_man I always thought Journey to the West was the chinese LOTR.