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744 pink_echoes does she bark?
196 ajovialpessimist Does she take poops? Does she cover up the dogs’?
429 the-VII I had a cat that used to do this, although she'd only go so far then nap in someone's front yard until we turned around and came back. She used to drop me off at school too :)
129 ohsweetjesusmytits My cats both used to go on walks with us! I loved it, one of them would either already be outside and come find us, or they'd leave the house with us. Always tried to be sneaky, they wouldn't walk next to us, they'd walk through yards behind hedges.
65 rancid-testicles You mean she has grudgingly accepted the pack.
96 FrenchCrepe When I was a kid then a teen, I used to take my dogs for a walk near my house, and my cats (1 to 6, depending on the years) would often follow us. People would often look at me like I was a witch or something lol Best memories of my childhood!
42 loquacious_schleep So you named her after a fish, a veritable midpoint between the cat and dog
74 MinnowG My cat's name is Minnow too!
20 smg049 My cat Philip J. Fry also likes to come on walks with me and my dogs (farm cat and dogs). He is my cat-dog and it's freaking adorable.
16 angzeyeeddie Did you get her as a kitten and raise her with the dogs?
15 Nrthstar This reminds me of Dibbie. Dibbie was the greatest cat in the world. I lived in a very small town located between two big cities, my ex worked in one, I worked in the opposite direction in the other. We were pretty miserable, our relationship was a slow drift apart, and living in the middle of nowhere made it worse. But Dibbie was there. She was a neighborhood cat, her ear clipped to show she had been fixed and released to help control local population. But we fed her, every day, till she got to know me so well, she would appear at my door every day when I got home, and come in with me for food and rest. Every night she'd meow at the door to go back out unless the weather was nice. She was such a sweet cat, never making a mess, always in our laps. After we split up, and moved away, I drove back 6 months later to take Dibbie home. But she was clearly well fed, and had a collar on now. We figured other people in the neighborhood watched out for her too, but this confirmed it, so I left her there. Thanks for reminding me of such a wonderful cat! (Dibbie had the black under paw just like this!)
26 Gilleymonsters Looks likes she's the leader of the pack.
10 supershinythings The neighbor's cat followed us all the way down the street to the end where it becomes a T intersection. She would meow if we went to fast, so we'd slow down. Towards the end she got a little tired. We were really surprised she'd do this. On the way back, she got tired again and stopped, rolling on the sidewalk. So we picked her up and walked her back to the house with us. She had no problem with this and seemed to really enjoy the ride. Once she got to our house I presume she went home to take a nap. We have no idea why she felt the need to escort us, as she's not our cat. But we felt like we should make sure she can get home and doesn't get stranded or lost. She trusts us and I wouldn't want to betray that, even if she isn't our cat.