Nearly 30 years elapsed; just before my retirement, we re-created my favorite photo of my oldest son & I...
Reversing without looking into the mirror wcgw.
TIL that in early 2016, a woman tracked down the family of a WWII veteran whose Purple Heart she bought at an Arizona Goodwill store for $4.99
In the “you know how I know you’re gay?” scene of 40 Year Old Virgin, Paul Rudd is wearing a shirt that has his own face on it
the r/evilbuildings starterpack
Fox found in fishermen’s bag after eating all the fish
Stop it.
8192 pixels of Obi Wan. Upvote this and I'll post 16384 next.
Fox broke into fisherman's bag and ate all the fish!
Reddit, fucking stop.
My brother sent this to me and said he bought a “hipster drone”
a haystack stacker
It would not be polite to ask the President to walk farther than 100 feet without a golf cart.
Greatmills Highschool Deputy Blaine Gaskill took down the active shooter at my little brothers Highschool today. The world needs more people like him.
Goalkeeper Sam Bartram, alone on the pitch, not realizing that the game had been abandoned 15 minutes earlier due to heavy fog - 25 dec 1937
You get what you ask for
The real facts
Ninety-five theses
This fit is a 0 out of 10
Like a search engine
The tension keeps the string rigid.
The detail on a 500 year old marble sculpture. Michaeangelo, "David" [1501-1504]
A pretty damn good Lara Croft cosplay
"That Wanaka Tree" in Lake Wanaka, New Zealand [6700x4450] [OC]
Secret compartment shoebox
The Old Colony Building, Chicago. Built 1893, power washed 2009.
[Image] Jared didn’t take today off, did you? (He also says thanks, r/GetMotivated more in comments)!
[I ate] Ube ice cream macaron sandwich
Abortion rates go down when countries make it legal: report
My friend got all of his groomsmen personalized bobble heads as wedding gifts.
?? underwater light bathes divers in beams ??
Diller carefully eats my avocados, then brings me the cleaned pits. I sprout them, then give them away with a picture of him cleaning that particular one.
Bad ass looking giant Harpy Eagle
Harold Lloyd pretending to be a reflection in the mirror, The Marathon 1919.
Age 13. Fancied myself as a metal screamer.
Ad blocks everything if you try to zoom in
I bet this guy had a good day! Lol
One of Mr. Roger's subtle, yet most powerful statements ever, took place in 1974. He asks 'Officer' Clemons to join him to soak their feet in some pool water on a hot day and then helped him dry his feet. Years earlier many pools were off limits to black Americans.
He’s even got proof
7183 linkgannon I compiled a list of all the software in this thread that got a 1000+ score (in order from top to bottom), along with a short description of each.   Over 1000 upvotes: 1. Google Maps: Navigation app - 2. Blender: 3D modeling software - 3. VLC: Video player - 4. The Windows Snipping Tool: Screen capture tool - 5. Space Engine: Space exploration simulator - 6. Wikipedia: Online encyclopedia - 7. MuseScore: Music notation software - 8. Audacity: Audio editing software - 9. Handbrake: video converter - 10. Zotero: Reference manager - 11. Online Calculator - 12. Calibre: ebook manager - 13. Notepad++: Text Editor - 14. Lego simulator - 15. Search Everything: Instant file search software - 16. LaTeX: Document software - 17. Contains music, movies, books, software, games, and webpages - 18. Linux/Apache/Postgres/Gcc: Various Linux based OS’s, webservers, compilers, etc. - 19. Discord: Chat and Communication software - 20. OBS Studio: Streaming and Recording software - 21. Krita: Digital design - 22. R: Statistics software - 23. pfSense: Firewall software - 24. FreeNAS: File server software - 25. Gimp: Digital design - 26. OpenSCAD: 3D Model scripting software - 27. This list - 28. Malwarebytes: Malware protection - 29. Unity: Game design software - 30. Online diagram software - 31. Paint.NET: Image design - 32. Draftsight: Free CAD - 33. 7Zip: File archiving - 34. Plex: Media storage access - 35. Libre Office: Document editing suite - 36. KeePass: Password manager - 37. DaVinci Resolve: Video color correcting/editing - 38. Inkscape: Vector art software - 39. Google's Apps: Google’s document suite (Docs, Sheets, Gmail, etc) - 40. Duolingo: Language learning - 41. Darktable: Photo workflow a la lightroom - and 42. MPD/Mopidy: F/OSS music player daemon - 43. Doom shareware: A classic game - a 3.5'' floppy disk   Over 150 upvotes: 44. fxSolver/Cymath/Mathway - Math/engineering/chemistry problem solving - and and 45. Recuva: Restores deleted files - 46. Python: A programming language for quickly writing scripts - 47. foobar2000: Freeware audio player - 48. Robin Hood: Stock trading app - 49. Flux: Day/Night cycle on monitor color/brightness - 50. Fusion 360: Free 3D CAD/CAM design software - 51. Steam: Platform for game distribution - 52. Shazam: App that tells you what song is playing - 53. Audio Router: Sound routing - 54. Arduino: Open-source electronics platform (software is free) - 55. LMMS: Music studio - 56. Kodi: Entertainment center software - 57. Git: Version control system - 58. REAPER: Audio workstation - 59. Greenshot: Print screen tool - 60. Irfanview: Image viewer, editor, organiser and converter - 61. TeamViewer: Remote desktop software - 62. Firefox: Web browser - 63. Alarm Clock on Cell Phones: Alarm clock on cell phones - On your cell phone 64. Wireshark: Open source packet analyze - 65. Disk Fan: Visually see how much space is being used on a volume - 66. Beyond Compare: Compare two files/directories: whole tree's and directories - 67. VNCServer/Viewer: Remote desktop software - 68. Ubuntu: A Linux OS - 69. WinDirStat: Graphical disk usage analyzer - 70. Oracle VirtualBox: Open-source hypervisor - 71. PuTTy: An all in one protocol terminal - 72. Visual Studio Code: Code editor - 73. Reddit: This website -   EDIT: WOW! This is by far my largest post ever and my first gold; thank you!!!   EDIT 2: I just updated the list to include any that had over 150 upvotes (with the exception of Reddit at 145, but I thought it deserved an honorable mention!). Thanks again everyone for all the support :)
3272 The_Toy_Soldier OBS. Open Broadcasting Software. Free, open source, really good recording software for your computer. :)
8652 fr00d surprised "search everything" is not here. instant file search. changed the way I used computers.
4522 Kell_Naranek Two come to mind: pfSense and FreeNAS. Both are *HEAVILY* used at my house! pfSense is a free open source firewall and router that is feature complete to the level of competing with almost all SMB (small and medium business) commercial firewalls. It is also extremely reliable. FreeNAS is a software network attached storage operating system. It quickly transforms any spare old computer with a few drives and a network interface to a centralized file server with support for almost everything under the sun, from Apple Time Machine backups to enterprise iSCSI setups that allow diskless booting of machines on the local network.
6568 ShorkGaaber As a digital painter Krita is probably the best art software you're going to get for free (As long as you add the brush packs) some of the stuff I've managed to whip up/ the amount of adapting you can do to the main window is insane Edit: I didn't think a comment like this would get gold! Thank you so much guys!
11847 itsnotwilldo Zotero. For those of you who do academic writing, this reference manager is 100x better and 1000x freer than EndNote.
8644 CalculusWarrior []( is a wonderful LEGO modelling program, it's great for recapturing that feeling of building with bricks, and you don't have to worry about running out of a certain colour or stepping on a 1x1 piece. Apparently it also has an option to work on a project with your friends, but I haven't tried it out.
32761 Brolski Blender. For as much shit as the software gets, it is a workhorse for those of us willing to put in the time to learn it. It does tons of stuff from modelling, to animation, to video compositing. It regularly gets updates and the tech behind it is only getting better. Could it be better? Sure, absolutely. But for something that is free it's amazing.
14043 SodiumGeek I don’t know how many people here can relate but MuseScore is fantastic for anyone who wants to put their musical ideas onto paper. It’s free and has all the functionality you could ever want from music notation software.
2897 gmach06 Draw io web based online diagram software
12263 wacopeach Handbrake. Free, very powerful video converter.
11463 StetsonTuba8 It's an online graphing calculator and it's so much better than ge TI-84 I had to spend $120 on. It graphs all kinds of equations. For example, you don't have to isolate y, you can graph complete inverses, and constant placeholders exist too. EDIT: Fixed link. It's, not org
7054 mrgreenmonkey VLC has played every video file in every format I've given it with no problems. Also, all the video game emulators. It's amazing how you can have a fully working console on your computer with almost any game from that console for free.
5551 iwonder123 R its a statistics software. Has a ton of add ons that you can download for free and its you have to learn it but it will do anything once you do.
4173 burtwinters OpenSCAD - Create 3D models with a scripting language. If you have a 3D printer and you want to print some exotic shapes or if you're creating parts that might need a parameter tweak here and there each run it's fantastic.
2492 [deleted] Draftsight. Full CAD software available for free, functionality and commands work almost exactly like Autocad.
920 synthony Python. Should I pay $3000 for MATLAB or **import** numpy ? ... Hmmm
8139 danishclarinets [LaTeX.]( I just started learning it a few weeks ago, and I've already switched over to it for doing all my assignments. The documents are just so much more beautiful and well-formatted than GDocs or Word, and it handles equations and math much better than either (which is good for me since I'm in engineering so lots of math). I'd highly encourage anyone who's studying math/science/engineering to learn and start using LaTeX.
6554 WeKanGame OBS Studio
13814 Livingingrey Audacity. Audio editing software. Irfanview. Great for basic editing of images. This is my default image viewer. And then there's ones a lot of people know about like VLC, Winamp, Imgburn, Winrar, z-7, CPUID and Bleachbit. Edit: oof my inbox this morning.

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