Something bumped against a wall at work and made a painting of a snowy town.
The floor is completely flat
Shout out to my brother for replacing a picture of Jesus at my parent's house with a picture of Obi-Wan Kenobi as portrayed by Ewan McGregor. Three months and counting without them noticing.
Porn Stars Unite Against Men Leaving Disgusting Comments on Their Videos With No Contact Info
TIL about a website called Boil the Frog - put in two artists of different genres and you'll get a Spotify playlist that gradually and seamlessly takes you from point A to point B.
MRW being president makes me thirsty
I stacked 50 photos to create an empty highway in Chicago
This is "Frida", she has saved 52 people so far in Mexico's Earthquake
TIL 550 motorcyclists participated in a ride to protest New York State's mandatory helmet law. During the ride, One of the rider's breaks failed and was sent over the handlebars and hit his head on the pavement, killing him. Medical experts said he would have survived if he had worn his helmet.
Grandma overshares
Firenado ??
Which movie was really just a giant advertisement?
Disney had to pay Paramount seven figures to allow JJ Abrams to direct Star Wars Episode IX, to compensate them for getting out of the $10 million/year deal he's under with that studio.
LPT: If you want to read more, but find yourself watching tv instead: before you turn on the tv, read one page of your book. If you really don't want to read, don't, but more often than not you'll find yourself reading.
It's 2017, any place that charges a convenience fee to pay bills online is just an asshole.
She asked him to use a real technique on her.
Boats on a river during the Central Mexico earthquake
Peter knew that anything could be an instrument if he believed it enough
Spaceships are just boats out of water
I am not lost, just visiting (x-post from /r/tumblr)
Google signs agreement with HTC, continuing big bet on hardware
ULPT - If you are ever shopping in a supermarket and a kid bites you, be load and swear a lot, if the parent comes over to you angry for upsetting their kid, claim that he bit you and that you are HIV positive. This will traumatise the parent and make them be more responsible with their kid.
Hippy Jump.
For weeks, Equifax customer service has been directing victims to a fake phishing site
"If you insist"
This car collects water on the trunk lid and dumps it all into the trunk when opened
The year Rockstar discovered microtransactions (repost from like a year ago, still relevant)
I pray for Danny DeVito
Stop resisting!
She is Frida, she has located 52 trapped persons in Mexico City after yesterday's earthquake.
When a programmer and designer meet on tinder
This was my spot!
David Attenborough's - Natural History Museum Alive (2017), 90 minute spectacular, with its ground-breaking CGI technology, is a special collaboration of experts and curators from the Natural History Museum.
Amazing picture that captures first responders work in Mexico City
I hope Fast & Furious 10 is called "Fast 10: Your Seatbelts "
Fantasy Book Cover Starter Pack
I know what I'd pick
In The Matrix, water on windows foreshadowed code
1929 christopherkj Today I try to answer the age-old question of “How the hell does Switzerland manage to stay neutral and safe for centuries meanwhile every single neighbour of theirs and all of Europe is constantly in flames of war?” There is no need to fight or hide if you can make everyone else constantly war everyone else without them ever thinking about why it is that they’re doing it.
815 lempamo I wonder why Poland is expressionless while Reichtangle carries him away...
329 JacUprising I'm loving how Estonia impales Fennoscandia.
304 Akula_matatta Was expecting Jewcube. 9/10.
276 Phil9651 "Ich am neutral, je swear"
186 rigieos Why do america'a sunglasses get tiny after he takes them off
82 carnationsole3 I can't believe no one has said it but Lithuania casually saying it's going to kill itself had me in tears.
140 Strypes4686 Ooh.... Be Careful. The Swiss take defense to an extreme..... half the country is rigged to blow and every third mountain is hollow and full of toys.
44 warrenspe I've seen this "purge" theme in a few places now, (here, star trek, and Rick & Morty to name a few) so I decided to do a bit of research into its origins. From what I can tell, the earliest recorded history of something resembling a "lawless killing period" was in Sparta, called the [Crypteia](
74 IgneousFalcon That twist though! That was a great comic! Never saw it coming, damn swiss.
89 LaPetiteM0rt The 'let's not discriminate. it could be a she' from Canada was very very apt. Currently we're debating making our national anthem gender-neutral
27 Mexi_dude Funnily enough, if you replace "every year" for every century this will be quite accurate
29 FollowingLeader We need more US and Canada as a detective/crimefighting duo.
25 Swiss_Meme_Guard Switzerland shoulded say: Grüezi