Live and Learn.
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Italian sculptor Giovanni Strazza's "The Veiled Virgin".
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Hi there
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One of the funniest bios I've seen in a while.
Photo I took of the Charles River looks like two different pictures
MRW the girl I'm texting suddenly says "I want to sit on your face."
*everyone* loves a pupper
Delta's app store description seems appropriate today.
"King", Colored Pencil on Paper, 7x7"
Grandma made a Facebook, set this as her profile picture
Never forget this shot.
The Senate’s push to overrule the FCC on net neutrality now has 50 votes
TIL that Glenn Shadix, the actor who played Otho in Beetlejuice, was subjected to “ex gay” electrical shock treatments when he came out to his parent. When this failed to change his orientation, he attempted suicide and survived a 3 day coma. After the incident, his parents accept ed his sexuality.
these words still haunt me today.
China builds ‘world’s biggest air purifier’ - a 328 feet-high tower that has helped reduce smog levels over an area of 3.86 square miles
When you don’t have enough money, but you have legos
I can not recommend FreeCodeCamp more. How the hell is that free?
Curly hair doesn’t ‘feather’ like Farrah’s did. Also I miss that neck. Ahh the early 80s...
"Wiis are for casual gamers"
How to eradicate the squirrel population through cyber bullying
Rock band playing outside of H.S. for a film festival. Hotdogs were being grilled, and I felt a number of wieners hit my body. Photo captures evidence (2004)
Gonna Do A Backflip In This Moving Elevator, WCGW?
Iceland has become the first major retailer to commit to eliminate plastic packaging for all own brand products within five years to help end the "scourge" of plastic pollution. The retailer said it would be replacing plastic with packaging including paper and pulp trays and paper bags.
Balloon eats baseball bat
A quick recap
"Based on a true story" movies are all part of the same series.
Italian Tide Pods
LPT: If you're nervous about asking your boss/potential employer about raises/salary, don't think of them as authority figures you hope will be more generous, think of them as customers who are buying your time.
Camel haircut
My friend walked by this neon sign in little siberian city and accidentally police guard went to call making perfect cyberpunk aesthetic
‘Paddington 2’ is the Fourth Film to Score 100% on Rotten Tomatoes With Over 100 Reviews
1283 Zuck4Dictator "Who cares about crooked George, I prefer Generals who don't lose New York City to the British"
187 DrSandbags [When the post switches to sort by New](
606 ajpos From the [Declaration of Independence](, upon why King George III is a tyrant: >He has endeavoured to prevent the population of these States; for that purpose obstructing the Laws for Naturalization of Foreigners; refusing to pass others to encourage their migrations hither,
143 RHalconero From George Washington to Francis Adrian Van der Kemp, 28 May 1788: >I had always hoped that this land might become a safe & agreeable Asylum to the virtuous & persecuted part of mankind, to whatever nation they might belong... >You may rest assured, Sir, of my best & most friendly sentiments of your suffering compatriots, and that, while I deplore the calamities to which many of the most worthy members of your Community have been reduced by the late foreign interposition in the interior affairs of the United Netherlands; I shall flatter myself that many of them will be able with the wrecks of their fortunes which may have escaped the extensive devastation, to settle themselves in comfort, freedom and ease in some corner of the vast regions of America. >The spirit of the Religions and the genius of the political Institutions of this Country must be an inducement. Under a good government (which I have no doubt we shall establish) this Country certainly promises greater advantages, than almost any other, to persons of [limited]* property, who are determined to be sober, industrious & virtuous members of Society. >And it must not be concealed, that a knowledge that these are the general characteristics of your compatriots would be a principal reason to consider their advent as a valuable acquisition to our infant settlements. If you should meet with as favorable circumstances, as I hope will attend your first operations; I think it probable that your coming will be the harbinger for many more to adventure across the Atlantic. *Substituted “limited” for “moderate,” which retains the original meaning according to the 1828 Websters Dictionary.
643 repostusername It shouldn't matter if you're from a shithole country. As long as you're not a shithole person you should be allowed to come.
62 gringobill Weird how many trump fans hate George Washington.
40 ATerribleNinja Hey, /u/UkraineRussianRebel. I see you deleted that comment below where you said you're a paid troll. [Don't worry, I screengrabbed it here for you.]( пожалуйста
856 LaughingHeart314 Yeah, but what about his e-mails?
108 Bernies_Lakehouse GW's buddy A. Ham came from what Trump would probably call a shithole country too.
72 Travisdk ITT: Imagine missing the point this badly.
35 TradSkeptic Source? It sounds like something George Washington would say, and I agree with the hope that is being expressed, but I'd like to know where it is from. Edit:
30 Gustacho Dear r/all visitors who aren't racists, check out the Discussion Thread! We have memes, emojis, and therapeutic blog messages.
30 FuzzCuz Imagine believing you have more value as a person because you were born in the US
32 Sporz "comment below threshold" all over my screen now I love it
90 nnykt123 Neoliberal? Is this like a sub for like cyberpunk liberals with like neon light on their outfits?
220 mondodawg Everyone knows George Washington was an out of touch elitest anyway!
123 TidySet As an immigrant I’m glad there’s at least one subreddit where I’m enthusiastically welcome.
54 LefthandedLunatic We don't want them to take our jobs unless they are rich, educated and white.
264 tuberousplant That feel when MAGA turds would call George Washington a cuck nowadays.