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The U.K. Just Went 55 Hours Without Using Coal for the First Time in History
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Anon's intentions were pure
6593 ee_bird When i was in junior high we had "no visible bra straps" as part of the dress code. in a hot day in june a girl that was two grades ahead of me wore a spaghetti strap tank top. a teacher came up to her and told her to put a sweater on, citing the "bra strap" clause. she literally unclipped her bra and pulled it off her body in one fell swoop without removing her shirt, and threw her bra in her locker. i thought the poor guy was going to short circuit and shut down like a westworld robot. female teacher still made her put on a sweater :/
6064 Queentoad1 I'm an old woman originally from California, and I thought we settled this back in the 60s.
1711 salazarians I live and attend school in Florida. Girls in my school are always showing up to school braless and no one ever really makes a fuss about it. I didn't know it was such a huge issue
1070 anabananafeefifofana I think the only reason I wear a bra is because I once went braless at 14 and an older boy at the mall pointed at me, then his overweight male friend and said, "Look dude, you've got bigger tits than that chick." It makes my boobs look like what boobs look like in a catalog. Non descript and boob like but perhaps not natural for most of us.
345 JoeyOreally As a man, I genuinely never knew they were a requirement/code at any point, but more of a tool for a specific task. TIL
966 CoughSyrupOD Guys should wear those grey sweatpants with no underwear in solidarity.
1322 GeniusMike I read about this when it first happened. It was at the high school my ex went to and they have a history of staff making inappropriate comments like that to students and essentially punishing the girls for what they’re wearing even if what they’re wearing doesn’t actually violate the dress code. Of all the times my ex got “dress coded” at that school, her outfits violated the dress code exactly zero times. She even got reprimanded for wearing sweatshirts. Sweatshirts... Let that sink in... And when she wore a top that exposed her shoulders the tiniest bit because it was Florida and thus hot out (and I think I recall her mentioning there being no air conditioning), of course the vice principal (who always singled her out) made a remark on it. So my ex was all like “Why? Are they (her shoulders) turning you on?” That shut him right up and I don’t recall him ever harassing her again. There’s a serious problem in high schools these days whereby the staff essentially body shame the girls and sexualize them (minors!) instead of being respectful and teaching the students to do the same. “It’s a distraction to the boys!” Uh, no, apparently it’s only a distraction to the staff who are only crying foul because they *think* it will distract the boys. And guess what? If they’re snickering and jeering at a girl wearing no bra, it means they were already staring at the girls’ chests anyway! It has nothing to do with what they’re wearing. Someone wearing a shirt promoting bigotry? Yeah, that’s an issue. Someone dressed like a circus clown? Yeah, that would be distracting. A student (boy *or* girl) going without a top at all? That’s when they should be pulled aside and told to cover up. But this crap that happened here and which continues to happen in high schools everywhere, blaming and shaming girls for their bodies like this even when there’s nothing wrong with their outfits is completely inappropriate. This is why so many women grow up to be ashamed of their body. The magazines and crap are bad enough, but to have that mentality reinforced in school like this is completely atrocious.
749 maddsskills Even if I was the kind of person who believed women have to wear bras I don't think I could ever have the nerve to confront someone about it, particularly an underage girl. Like, that's so creepy and skeevy. Why are you staring at her boobs, ya weirdo!?
2302 scrotalbifida I mean, dress codes for girls in school basically boils down to “don’t wear anything that might distract the boys”, it’s insulting as fuck to both sexes.
2268 Eschlick If I recall correctly, the young men in my high school had penises. I suppose if they wore the wrong type of underwear and I had accidentally looked at them, I may have gotten distracted. Why isn’t anyone checking to make sure young men are wearing the proper type of underwear that prevents any sort of bulge from being seen through the clothes? I think the improper use of underwear by the boys in my school probably is what caused me to get those bad grades.