Larry Nance Jr. recreates his father's dunk from 1984
Bathtime bliss
Cross section of a hedge
Boob relativity
Steam Controller being tested
If this does well, I will continue to enlarge Stafford's jaw.
Tundra landscape in Iceland | [1080x1350] by Arnar Kristjansson
Mister Rogers
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Afghanistan
My mom would always talk about how she was an editor for Tiger Beat magazine when she was a teenager in the 1960’s. She would brag about spending time with the Stones and the Beatles. We always thought she was telling tall tales. Uncovered this pic cleaning out her house last week.
ITAP of my 2 friends at the museum of modern art, Chicago
Entire NES built into NES cartridge
ViRgIn RoAsTeD aLiVe; pYrO sHoWs nO MeRcY
Hate when this happens.
PsBattle: a Kudu and her antlers
That's no snow angel
Cow scratcher
That's no snow angel
In WALL-E, the Great Lakes are larger than they should be, presumably due to the rising sea level.
Cow escapes on way to slaughterhouse, smashes through metal fence, breaks arm of man trying to catch her then swims to safety on island in lake
Reckless driving
I photographed Falcon Heavy passing through clouds that temporarily revealed more detail of its three 9-engine cores.
Smile! ??
TIL Andrew Myrick, a storekeeper on a Minnesota Native American reservation, told starving natives to get grass if they were hungry. He was found dead on the first day of the Dakota War of 1862 with grass stuffed in his mouth.
When /r/The_Donald is officially named as a breeding ground for Russian interference, but for some reason Reddit still won't shut it down.
Who's the new guy?
Milky Goodness
Attacking the police station with a baseball bat
Steve Carrell during his final episode...
Gone fishing
What is the dumbest thing you’ve ever done for absolutely no reason?
Going against the flow
Abandoned presidents heads in a rural Virginia field [5184x3456] [OC]
Bitcoin Doesn't Give a Fuck.
Lady demanded that I, a delivery man, check her groceries out. So I complied... with my package scanner.
Backyard bowling alley, with pins resetting via strings
It has almost been a year since I took a tour at the Harry Potter London Tour and was pulled aside because I was dressed as Newt Scamander. They told me they wanted to take picture of my costume but instead led me to meet these two. Insane to be featured on Pottermore and have others recognize me.
Now I really want to kill myself
What a message
2131 ChelsBony The flu is no joke. My father was a healthy yoga practicing 47 year old and got H1N1. He was in a coma for a month before we finally took him off life support. Edit formatting
7281 tactandethics Actually we are a nonprofit and lose a little bit of money every time we give vaccines. We do it anyway because we don’t like our patients dying prematurely.
4987 crimsonBZD I have a co-worker who, god bless her soul, can't see the connection here. She says "No vaccines! They make you sick!" and then wonders why her unvaccinated kid has been sick with the flu for 2 weeks on the verge of pnumonia. Then she says that Vaccines just make it worse. When I told her my vacinnated daughter caught the flu, puked once, and was 100% better 2 days later she didn't have anything to say except "but she still got sick! The shot did it!" Like... your nearly dead child in the hospital, or mine that fully recovered within two days?
8974 grey_lady15 Everyone saying the flu vaccine has only been 20% effective, so why vaccinate: Vaccinate because even if it may not prevent your child from getting the flu, it may lessen the severity of the flu. Statistically, [80-85% of pediatric flu deaths were children who were not vaccinated.]( Get your kids the flu shot, please. It may not keep your kid from getting the flu, but it may increase the odds of your child enduring the flu with a good outcome, and that is worth it.
1126 Zazool The flu has literally always been this dangerous, it's just worse this year. Also being Vaccinated against the flu yearly is not the same as getting normal vaccinations when you are younger, as it's nowhere near as effective as those vaccines, due to the every changing nature of the flu. What makes it so dangerous is it leads to pneumonia, which is something that can kill those with compromised immune systems like the young and elderly. Edit: I need to be more clear about the first line because too many of you are misunderstanding and it was poorly worded. The danger level for an individual catching the flu hasn't changed much this year, the risk of death has always been about the same. What is worse is the fact that it's much more widespread this year, so there is a higher chance of catching the flu than usual.