Not again!
So glad to join the positivity
Italian pasta brand advertisement in honor of Simpsons 30th season
Best to start at the bottom of the stick
[IMAGE] "Success in 9 Words" (20)
Not a space whale, India ink, 9x12
In Jurassic World (2015), moments before the T-Rex is released, a t-shirt of a T-Rex saying "I'm back" can be seen in the background
Hold up let me just confirm it
This olive tree in Crete is 3000 years old.
'Please don't go to work today'
Infinite bulbs
Neo-Nazi gives detailed instructions on how to murder people at Charlottesville rally, including specific death threat against a particular anti-fascist activist. The activist doxxes him - turns out he's an active service marine! His superiors find out, boot him out of the marines
Ubisoft's chat bot Sam is savage.
Indian priest carries member of lower caste into temple to symbolically protest caste oppression.
Hebhob transforms into dinosaur! Warning- very scary!
[OC] Closing a box made of perfect mirrors with a light bulb inside (x-post r/simulated)
Wait does this mean...
so smooth.
Payed to promote an image of his dog and nothing else so we dont have to see another useless ad. Legend!
These identical cars with sequential plates in the parking lot at my local shopping mall.
Mexico’s lower house of Congress on Thursday approved changes to the constitution to eliminate immunity from prosecution for all public servants, including lawmakers and the president, a move meant to tackle deeply entrenched corruption.
ELI5: Why do human eyes show so much white while most mammals don't have much visible white of the eye?
me irl
MRW a college age employee submits a vacation request for 4/20.
Arizona teachers vote to strike
The future is here
How It All Ends
I nominate Henry Winkler to play Michael Cohen
My 18yo foster son just learned that he is getting a 100% free ride to a 4-year college. First in his family to ever go to college. I am so, so proud of him.
But did the laptop break?
Now that's why I come to these things
Color changing squeezable bulb
A little HTML and P"asian"ce is the key...
Only one rider.
Attempting to rob a bakery, wcgw.
Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki - 1945 (colorized)
Waiting for the last moment
Ima do this
Gotta love hidden floor traps
1 Jabberminor EDIT: After discussing this further with users here, I realise that I have made a mistake. I have re-approved this submission.
2274 homoscotian While of course it's terrible regardless, and an Amazon warehouse is definitely far more physically taxing. Call centres have had this problem forever. Every second of every day is accounted for - including bathroom breaks, and taking too long can affect your bonuses. Taking time off, sick or otherwise earns you "points". After so many points you can be fired. I've been written up for taking 3 days off when I had the flu. Tl;dr any industry that is heavily time-focused is toxic as fuck and not conducive to a healthy work environment.
5245 illBoopYaHead This means your Amazon packages have wee-wee germs on them.
13331 itsthebrod This is absolutely unnecessary and disgusting. To think of all the wasted time pulling down your pants and aiming into a bottle when they could just wear diapers instead.
747 Timinime I visited a friend in Wales who works for Amazon and ended up going out for a few beers with him and his colleagues. I couldn't get over the horror stories i heard from them about working there, and the hatred they had for the place. I didn't think western companies could treat their staff in such a poor manner. They mentioned some of the layoffs the company did; a whole heap of their staff had an hour bus trip from Cardiff to the warehouse, only to find out they were fired. No busses for several more hours. And the cost of the bus trip for people on minimum wage. Disgusting the way they did it
76 MrFrenzyPlant I briefly worked in Amazon but had to resign because walking 12+ miles a night was killing my bad knee and my feet were essentially two large blisters. There's a practice called "fanny feet" (in Scotland, fanny means vagina) where you get a female coworker to buy sanitary pads from the vending machines in their bathrooms and put them in your shoes. This is so you can limit the pain in your feet to survive the rest of the shift and keep your numbers up and not get fired. Lot of horror stories from that place.
3441 meok91 I’m very conflicted about Amazon. On one hand I know they treat their workers like rubbish, work them like dogs until they burn out, and I really don’t think that’s okay. On the other hand their customer service is second to none, I’ve ordered hundreds of items over the years and the few times I’ve had an issue Amazon dealt with it perfectly, often going above and beyond. I have definitely been shopping with them less in the last couple of years due to the way that their workers are treated, but sometimes the convenience and peace of mind that comes from shopping with them wins out. I think the only way that this is going to change in any real way is if Amazon start seeing a real losses in profit due to people shopping else where, but that would take such a large amount of people that I can’t see that happening any time soon.
1374 newtonslogic A worker's strike by these people would bring Amazon to it's knees in a matter of days. EDIT: I appreciate the hundreds of replies explaining to me that a general worker's strike will never happen. Amazon has all their employees by the balls. There are 2,000 people lined up waiting to get these no pee pee jobs at every warehouse. Employers will always win, employees have virtually no rights and should just keep their heads down and continue to barely make a liveable wage. I got it. I never said it would happen, only that if it did it would essentially cripple Amazon.