Eminem celebrated 10 years of sobriety yesterday.
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Just keep pushing. It's all that matters.
MRW I take the cookies out of the oven but forget spray down the baking sheet beforehand
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Donald Trump playing golf in his own club. West Palm Beach, Florida, 2010.
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Hey hoomans, "dont mind me taking all your shit, I got a family too."
Eminem Celebrates 10 Years of Sobriety
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For brown widow spiders, sex is literally a matter of life and death. If a male chooses an adult female, chances are roughly 50/50 that she’ll eat him afterward. But if he mates with a younger subadult female, she’ll let him live to see another day. Despite this, the males prefer older mates.
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Democratic candidate Randy Bryce: I want to see every candidate across the country pledge to refuse NRA money. I've taken my pledge, now it's your turn.
Depression is like having a bad week and waking up 10 years later thinking what the fuck happened to your life
The manul (or Pallas' cat) of Central Asia has the longest and densest fur of all the cat species.
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Alberta woman 1st adult in Canada to be 'cured' of sickle cell anemia through stem cell transplant
When dreams come true, Lego Starwars
1679 StevenSanders90210 Among some pretty crappy 80s TV, Night Court always stood out and I think Harry Anderson is a big reason why. A great talent and reportedly a nice guy. A loss for sure
3241 MissDiketon Boo. That sucks. Night Court was one of the best things on television ever.
570 Tragxei I grew up sort of poor, in a really shitty desert town. I watched a LOT of Night Court over antennae and actually related to his character a lot. I sort of wanted to be someone like that as I got older. Thank you for the laughs Harry, we loved you for it. edit: Just added his name in at the end, it reads better now.
267 AbyssalKultist I was a cook at a bar/cafe he owned in the French Quarter of pre-Katrina New Orleans. He was a really friendly and funny guy, we shared many a drink and conversation. RIP.
688 jmsturm Damn, that sucks. There goes my dreams of a Night Court reboot/ reunion.
625 UnwellHiC His greatest performance was "Harry the Hat" on Cheers. What a terrific character that added so much joy to the show.
264 TheNumberMuncher 65 isn’t old :(
243 GailaMonster This is John Ritter levels of unacceptable.
365 Dark_Saint He's with Mel Tormé now. Loved Night Court, great memories of him on the show. Will be missed.
161 DonMcCauley Damn. His daughter Eva pops up on a ton of comedy podcasts, her stories about him always made him seem like a great guy. Hope she's doing ok :(
106 TheRuralBuddah $50 and time served. :(
106 nekowolf When I was a kid Night Court was on later than I was allowed to stay up. But every Thursday night my parents would watch it and it had that memorable theme song with the wood knocks at the end. But I never knew what show it was for. Every Thursday night I would hear and it plan to look in the TV Guide to see what it was, and every Friday morning I would have forgotten about looking it up until the next Thursday night. Eventually it went into syndication and I watched it but it's one of those weird quirky childhood memories that I still remember today. RIP Harry.
52 thelongflight Harry's greatest magic trick to me was appearing when I needed him most. I was a lonely kid magician with an imaginary friend...Harry Anderson. Some nights when my parents weren't getting along, I'd stay in my room and watch Night Court, not really understanding most of the jokes, but being enamored with Harry's panache, wardrobe and magical aptitude...all helping me to forget what was going on down the hall. I was lucky enough to meet him about 10 years ago when he did a small club tour. My wife got to go up onstage and put him in a straight jacket, and he set her up to be the star for a few minutes. It was really a dream come true to be a part of that. I still remember the day my imaginary friend said goodbye years and years ago. I hadn't seen him in a long time, and he appeared to me in my parent's garden while I was staring off into the clouds. He told me that it was time for him to leave...that I was growing up, didn't need him anymore and that everything would be ok. Smiling from ear to ear with an aura of warmth, he simply faded away between the flowers. His upbeat attitude and outlook on life has had a resounding affect on my own life, and I hope I've honored his memory with my actions. Such a Wise Guy...and a great human being.
161 terrorama Mr. Plinkett is going to be sad.
157 MuhLaws One of the coolest- yet least talked about- aspects of Night Court is how it's a pretty neat fictional snapshot of a New York City that is now totally, totally, TOOOOOOTALLY gone. From the opening sequence to a lot of the plot lines and subtexts, it's a pretty cool snapshot into an era in city history that a lot of people really long for- and a lot of people not from NYC still think NYC is- but has been gone since the 1990's. That era, the 80's, was NYC at its grittiest. Before it was 'cleaned up'. It was an amazing place.