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My mom would always talk about how she was an editor for Tiger Beat magazine when she was a teenager in the 1960’s. She would brag about spending time with the Stones and the Beatles. We always thought she was telling tall tales. Uncovered this pic cleaning out her house last week.
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That's no snow angel
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It has almost been a year since I took a tour at the Harry Potter London Tour and was pulled aside because I was dressed as Newt Scamander. They told me they wanted to take picture of my costume but instead led me to meet these two. Insane to be featured on Pottermore and have others recognize me.
Now I really want to kill myself
What a message
1 hoosakiwi Read this comment. You will be permanently banned without warning if you do not follow these three very crucial rules. * **DO NOT** post about police movements. In other words, if you are listening to scanners and radio communications of emergency personnel, hold off on sharing the play by plays. * **DO NOT** share the personal information of alleged suspects or victims until the identities are confirmed by the police or mainstream media. * **DO NOT** post identifiable images/videos of the dead or dying. Reddit is one of the most high-traffic sites in the world, especially in times of crisis. No one should find out that their loved one has died in a reddit thread. To clarify, you can still post images and videos of the incident, just no closeups of someone's face as they die. Edit: The shooter's name is now public. Please do not share the personal details of the shooter's family members (things like addresses, emails, phone numbers, etc will all still be removed). You still cannot name or share personal information of victims.
10201 magnificentshart so from what i've hearing, the shooter tried to blend in with the other students afterward?
9415 OwenWilsonInWow It will be interesting to see how this goes on since the shooter is alive and will be tried, most of the time they kill themselves and we're left without many answers.
5788 barbaricmustard We were told last year that he wasn’t allowed on campus with a backpack on him,” said math teacher Jim Gard, who said the former student had been in his class last year. “There were problems with him last year threatening students... he was asked to leave campus.” hmmmmm
2849 iwatchyoupee The media has identified the shooter and now every person on Facebook with a similar name is getting their page blasted with hateful comments and death threats. Ridiculous.
9462 sugaratc It's so rare to have a school shooter run. I hope they find them soon and no one else is injured.
8944 amiatthetop WSVN reporter: Breaking down on live tv...announced a teacher protecting students "may have passed"
534 toms47 "There was no warning that there was going to be a shooting today" Wouldn't ever have guessed that without you, cbs
3761 remyseven Man it looks like they either drugged the dude upon capture, or he's a total sack of potatoes.
2303 goldenalmond97 Watching CNN, this lady really would rather do an interview instead of going to pick up her distraught daughter....speechless
1461 lukifergriffiths they are concerned that the shooter is going to blend in with students during evac.
7283 TsitikEm This mom on CNN was just on the phone with her daughter and said "let me do this interview and I'll come get you." WTF WOMAN GO GET YOUR DAUGHTER YOU FUCK. Edit: please stop asking me for a link. I do not have a link. Edit2: I stand corrected, someone came through with a link. Link: @ 33:40
6154 darksierra16 A mother just started to say the alleged shooters name after receiving a text from her sons but the Fox reporter cut her off
13223 [deleted] [deleted]
409 squirmdragon I teach preschool for a school district and our classes are located in portables on the back side of the building. I’m supposed to hide my students, who are mostly 3 years old, in our tiny bathroom. My niece is in the classroom next to mine. I’ve always said that I’ll blast someone with our fire extinguisher if it comes to it, but a determined person could just shoot through the walls. Every shooting that happens I get this dark cloud of dread over me because I realize it could happen to us next. I can think of few things that are worse than losing one my students.