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5916 call_of_the_while Lol, I thought he was in jail for 40 years. I need some coffee. >After taking legal advice from a radio phone-in show five years ago, Mr Simmons Googled the name of the policeman who’d arrested him and discovered the officer had later been convicted for stealing Royal Mail bags and framing people for it. I hope they've looked into all of the cases that cop worked on or was associated with.
370 music2myear As a employee of the State performed these crimes while employed in representing the State, the State should bear responsibility for investigating and clearing the names of all wrongly convicted, and should be penalized for a failure to do this expeditiously and when evidence warrants it.
996 [deleted] [removed]
159 fordag So absolutely no review of that corrupt officer's cases was done after his conviction?
1316 Cinemaphreak Some ITT are saying that under British law the burden of proof is on the accused, but to me that means the State absolutely then would have the responsibility of reexamining all of the officer's cases. *ESPECIALLY* the ones involving maid bag theft. This erodes public trust of the legal system and the surest way to civil unrest is to remove faith that issues can be addressed peacefully in courts.
60 49orth 31st August 2017 The Criminal Cases Review Commission has referred the theft conviction of Stephen Lawrence Simmons to the Court of Appeal. Mr Simmons was arrested and prosecuted by the British Transport Police for theft in transit – stealing mailbags from a train at Clapham Goods Yard in South London. He was tried at Inner London Crown Court in April 1976. Mr Simmons pleaded not guilty but was convicted. He was 20 years old and was sent to Borstal (a youth detention centre). The Judge also made an order for the confiscation of Mr Simmons’ car. Mr Simmons was advised that he should not appeal against his conviction. In 2013, Mr Simmons called a legal phone-in on LBC Radio to ask for advice about what he could do in light of the fact that he felt he and his co-defendants had been wrongly convicted. As a result, Mr Simmons searched the internet for mention of the police officer who led the case against him. He learned that, two years after his own conviction, the police officer involved, Detective Sergeant Derek Ridgewell, had been arrested and subsequently jailed for a similar “theft in transit” offence. Mr Simmons then applied to the CCRC. The CCRC has conducted a detailed and painstaking review into the circumstances of Mr Simmons’ conviction and the background and record of DS Ridgewell. As a result, the Commission has decided to refer Mr Simmons’ conviction to the Court of Appeal. The case is being referred on the basis of new evidence relating to: circumstances surrounding the exclusion of another confession obtained by DS Ridgewell in a separate goods in transit case; acquittals and judicial observations about unreliable police evidence and fabricated confessions in other cases where DS Ridgewell was the lead officer; DS Ridgewell’s conviction for conspiracy to steal goods in transit. The Commission considers that the new evidence gives rise to a real possibility that the Court of Appeal will overturn Mr Simmons conviction and has referred the case accordingly. DS Ridgewell died in prison in 1982. Mr Simmons was not legally represented during his application to the CCRC. This press release was issued by the Criminal Cases Review Commission. For further enquires call 0121 233 1473 or e-mail
22 thathypnicjerk Did he suffer the consequences of having a criminal record for 43 years? He deserves compensation if so. Someone should have closely examined this officer's arrest records for victims of false accusations.
46 leveraction1970 I think he should be allowed 51 free shots at that crooked cop's nutsack with a wiffle ball bat. 8 for the months he spent in detention and 43 for the years he had to wait to clear his name. Edit - For all those pointing out that the cop is dead now, know it is never too late to dig up a scumbag and whack him in the nuts. (and I didn't notice that when I first read the article.)
12 dirtymoney >the officer had later been convicted for stealing Royal Mail bags and framing people for it. This was the cop's specialty, right? Must have been a whiz at finding those mail thieves! Funny, often times when you read about a cop and his uncanny ability to catch bad guys. Especially a certain bad guy (like drunk drivers). And it often turns out they are fudging things or outright framing people to advance their career/rep.
27 GamerToons >After taking legal advice from a radio phone-in show five years ago, Mr Simmons Googled the name of the policeman who’d arrested him The legal advice was to google the arresting police officer?
11 McFeely_Smackup Ok, I guess I can understand stealing the mailbags...but why frame someone for it? that's just being a dick.
37 ssjkriccolo Was it Brendan dassey?