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Fool Me Once...
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ELI5: How can large chains (Target, Walmart, etc) produce store brand versions of nearly every product imaginable while industry manufacturers only really produce a single type of item?
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7080 Rhaegar_ii Only director I've actually been scared of. Him chasing me in Black Ops zombies always got the blood pumping
10816 BleedingFish This is a big one, he was the person that got zombies into popcultre. True legend for sure!
691 TooShiftyForYou Fun fact about the great George A. Romero, he appeared uncredited in The Silence of the Lambs as an FBI Detective in Memphis. Man on the left [here.](
4001 trucorsair But are you sure he is dead? Only one way to make sure.......
1322 [deleted] [deleted]
1927 Dan_Gleeballz This was so completely unexpected. Romero has long been a favorite filmmaker of mine. It's a shame that he's been pigeonholed as a "zombie" filmmaker, because he made some really good films apart from his "Dead" movies. Those who haven't seen Martin, The Crazies, or Creepshow should do so. They're terrific. And for good measure, if you haven't seen Night, Dawn, or Day you should as well. Romero was one of the best directors of modern horror film. I'll miss him.
85 TimothyVH I'm happy to hear he died peacefully in his sleep, in the company of his loving family while listening to his favorite music. He made some great films, and I'm really hoping Matt Birman turns Road of the Dead into something great that would make Romero proud
1221 brahbocop Dawn of the Dead is not only one of the best sequels ever, it's a damn masterpiece. Too bad some people will only know him for his later Dead movies. His first three are must watch films for horror fans. Tons of people may not know of the man but he's responsible for a lot of pop culture. Rest In Peace George.
147 xb00tx Shit, that sucks. Rest in peace big guy, and thank you for everything.
73 Deadlive_138 My mouth dropped when I saw this. I can't explain the effect his movies have had on my life. My earliest memory of watching a movie is Dawn of the Dead, since we live a few miles from Monroeville Mall. My uncle was the fat zombie who falls into the water fountain. Then I remember seeing Night of the Living Dead on late night cable and absolutely loving it. Then renting Day of the Dead and setting up two VCRs to dub a copy. Throughout my life I have bought Dawn of the Dead two times on VHS and twice on DVD including the big box set. I even have a tattoo of Bub. George is a legend around Pittsburgh. I've always enjoyed watching documentaries featuring him and thought he was the nicest guy. He will be missed......big, bloody bucket of win for him. And not just the Dead movies....Creepshow is one of my favorite flicks. Monkeyshines, Martin, Knightriders, all great. Thanks to Romero's relationship with Dario Argento, which brought the band Goblin into the Dawn of the Dead soundtrack, they have become one of my favorite acts ever. I was fortunate enough to see Claudio Simonetti's Goblin last year and it was one of my favorite shows I've ever seen.