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Man MAkeS RItUaL SaCrifIce tO RaVeNoUS beasT tHat Lives UndEr thE bEd
4975 sapunec7854 OK but *what kind* of cleaning products? Just things that come out of aerosol cans?
627 Essx Would wearing a particle respirator filter mask while cleaning help?
386 windupcrow The publication link in the article is a bit annoying - it uses some wierd spacing method. Here is a better formatted version of the full paper:
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75 snowman1940 That's why you check the MSDS. When I took the housekeeping class one of the things learned was how damaging the chemicals could be. At the same time there were also thresholds for exposure, with the most extreme materials requiring hours away for minutes spent working with them. Mad respect for those who work in the field, they don't get enough credit.
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39 nephelokokkygia >However, one company claims to have developed a spray that kills grime and lowers air poluution, *Newsweek* reported in 2014, with Pureti claiming it's spray can transform any surface into a self-cleaning dynamo that kills grime and eats up pollutants. I know they're just trying to drive clicks within their site, but it still seems kind of scummy to put this at the end of an article about the potentially widespread negative health ramifications of using household cleaners.
39 DarkBlueMullet Luckily I'm a male. Pass that bleach!
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117 FAT_AMERICAN_TOURIST I've been in laundromats late at night, 10 PM, finishing my last dryer load, when this cleaning crew comes in slopping some noxious liquid around with a mop. My lungs felt like I was in some kind of WW1 gas attack. Can't imagine someone doing that every day and living very long.
123 Snite Was this article a product placement ad? That last paragraph is pretty suss.
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131 annafirtree From the abstract, where FEV relates to lung function: >*Main results* As compared to women not engaged in cleaning (∆FEV1=-18.5 ml/year), FEV1 declined more rapidly in women responsible for cleaning at home (-22.1, p=0.01) and occupational cleaners (-22.4, p=0.03). The same was found for decline in FVC (∆FVC-=8.8 ml/year; -13.1, p=0.02 and -15.9, p=0.002, respectively). Both cleaning sprays and other cleaning agents were associated with accelerated FEV1 decline (-22.0, p=0.04 and -22.9, p=0.004, respectively). Cleaning was not significantly associated with lung function decline in men, or with FEV1/FVC-decline or airway obstruction. Also, if you want to know the male/female ratios: >Among 3,298 female participants, the majority reported to be the person cleaning at home (85.1%), as compared to 46.5% of 2932 male participants (table 3). There were 293 (8.9%) women and 57 (1.9%) men that reported working with occupational cleaning.
19 do_you_realise Even things like anti bacterial kitchen spray turn the immediate vicinity into a no-go area for a few minutes in terms of coughing/irritation for me. I think that's just because of the spray head you get on most household cleaning products like this. I've often wondered whether we'd be better off doing away with the spray head and buying products you just tip out onto a cloth instead. Much less chance of breathing in a fine mist of random chemicals then.