The Unabomber’s cabin, held in an FBI storage facility on an airforce base in Sacramento
Brendan Fraser on His Comeback, Disappearance, and the Experience that Nearly Ended His Career
Man removes feds’ spy cam, they demand it back, he refuses and sues
In a Berlin metro. The text reads, "This text has no other purpose than to terrify those afraid of the Arabic language."
This is the cleanest Saber ignition in all of Star Wars, she's a Badass
"I hate everyone...except you."
McDonald's plans to drop foam packaging globally by 2019 and will also switch to packaging made from recycled materials in every location by 2020.
FrontEnd VS BackEnd
You can do anything on your last day
I'm not a good LEGO-ist but I'm proud of my lil' security camera.
Or they’ll get shot first.
Abandoned beach house in the Outer Banks, North Carolina, slowly being reclaimed by the sea. [1426 × 950]
I don't think that's how that meme works...
A sea turtle swimming up to take a nap in a giant barrel sponge
Running a Solo business
TIL Bhutan is the world's only carbon negative country. The constitution demands at least 60% of the country covered in forest, making it a sink of over four million tonnes of CO2 per year.
PsBattle: Picasso holding a gun
RaF pIlOt TrIeS tO tAkE oFf FrOm BeHiNd EnEmY lInEs
The hero we need, but not the hero we deserve.
I had to bribe the school photographer to let me do this my senior year.
The sky before sunset at Tre Cime di Lavaredo in the dolomites, South Tyrol, Italy[1600 x 820] © By Carlos F. Turienzo
"The why do I have diarrhea all the time" Starter pack
They play just like humans. Pure joy.
The mouse hole we put in the wall when we gutted our house. The light inside is motion activated and the wallpaper is vintage and from a flea market in England.
Cat v.s. ewe
Libraries are tossing millions of books to make way for study spaces and coffee shops
A Wendy's employee using an outdoor table umbrella to walk an elderly customer to their car.
Oh no! Pupper down call 91 bork
When someone wont admit they're wrong but you can downvote them anyway.
Spray paint spirograph
[IMAGE] "Worry Is a Total Waste of Time"
Woman finds her corgi comforting grieving stranger in the airport
Clay turtle I made for my fiancé, who has been sending me the turtle emoji daily for the past 2+ years
[Elon on Instagram] “Going to try to catch the giant fairing (nosecone) of Falcon 9 as it falls back from space at about eight times the speed of sound.”
I got you bro, I got you
This was unexpected
Let's Dance.
Seen in Warsaw, Poland!
Do you ever just wake up and kiss the person sleeping beside you and feel glad that you are alive?
1397 Loverboy_91 >"But then we got to London, and London was f---ing dark. London was dead of winter. We're shooting in Pinewood (Studios), which is an old institution -- all the James Bond films. There's no windows in there. It hasn't been refabbed in decades. You leave for work in the dark -- you go into this cauldron, this mausoleum -- and then you come out and it's dark. >"I'm telling you, one day it broke me. It was like, 'Life's too short for this quality of life.' I called David Geffen, who was a good friend. He was a producer, and he'd just come to visit. I said, 'David, I can't do this anymore. I can't do it. What will it cost me to get out?' And he goes, very calmly, 'Forty million dollars.' And I go, 'OK, thank you.' It actually took the anxiety off of me. I was like, 'I've got to man up and ride this through, and that's what I'm going to do.'" Relevant bit of the article for those interested.
16048 Vorfied And here I had thought his bored narration throughout the movie was due to acting as a vampire bored with life.
2288 CharlieBoxCutter “You leave for work in the dark -- you go into this cauldron, this mausoleum -- and then you come out and it's dark. "I'm telling you, one day it broke me. It was like, 'Life's too short for this quality of life.” Brad Pitt got a taste of what it’s like working in an office cubicle during winter hours and it almost broke him. I leave my house in the dark and get home in the dark during winter time.
3303 Porrick I was at a party in Ireland when I was around 13, and my mum introduces me to this [sad-eyed old man](, who asked me if I like vampire movies. I said I didn't, because in 1994 it'd been a very long time since there had been a good one. That's when he said he'd just made one. And that's how I talked my way out of getting to go to the Dublin premiere of Interview With The Vampire. By telling Neil Jordan I hated vampire movies.
3085 MamaHoodoo This is one of my favorite movies, but it always prompts me to watch more Christian Slater movies afterward to keep listening to his weird voice.
881 DoctorFahrenheit He should have paid whatever they were asking to get out of *Cool World*.
1984 mattreyu  Oh Louie, Louie, still whining Louie. Have you heard enough? I've had to listen to that for centuries
152 MissedPlacedSpoon Ya know his disdain for getting stuck in is probably what made his Louis acting spot on, since Louis was suuuuuuchh "I hate this, what have you done!?" character.
1216 Ariadnepyanfar Millions of women thank that exit clause.