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7892 insane__knight The imdb trivia for this film is the most hilarious read. Some gems include; - Many of the crew members had to conceal their laughter about what they were witnessing. Even the cameraman began to laugh so hard the camera would shake during takes. The first DP even had his own tent where he would laugh out of sight, while ostensibly watching the footage. - Although the rooftop scenes were shot with green screen, an actual rooftop was available but never used during filming. - The reason why Peter seemed dazed and was touching things in one scene was because the actor had suffered a concussion and Tommy Wiseau wouldn't let him leave for treatment. - Drew Caffrey, who is credited as an executive producer and casting agent, died in 1999, three years before production began. - According to Tommy Wiseau, Denny has some sort of mental disorder, which explains his behaviour in the film. Philip Haldiman (the actor who portrays Denny) was not told about this. - Entire scenes were out of focus because nobody bothered to check the lens. - Post release Tommy Wiseau has claimed that this film was always meant to be a comedy full of so-bad-it's-good elements. The rest of the cast has cast doubt on this theory however. - According to Juliette Danielle, when Tommy Wiseau said the line "In a few minutes, bitch," everyone on the set began laughing at him. Wiseau came out of the bathroom and demanded to know what was so funny. - The film's editor tried to convince Tommy Wiseau to cut the shot of his naked buttocks from the movie, on the grounds that the sight of them scared his wife. - A billboard for the film was erected on Highland Avenue in Los Angeles, where it stayed for five years. Later, the same billboard was used to promote the book The Disaster Artist, written by co-star Greg Sestero about the film's making. - Shot simultaneously on 35 mm film and high-definition video. Tommy Wiseau was confused about the differences between the formats, so he used both cameras on the same mount. He also purchased the cameras, instead of renting them as film productions usually do. - According to Greg Sestero, Tommy Wiseau intended for the film to contain a subplot in which Johnny was revealed to be a vampire, due to Wiseau's own fascination with the creatures. Sestero recounts how, at the outset of production, Wiseau tasked members of the crew with figuring out a way to execute a sequence in which Johnny's Mercedes-Benz would lift off from the roof of the townhouse and fly across the San Francisco skyline, revealing Johnny's vampiric nature. Wiseau eventually decided to drop the subplot after learning that there was no practical way to film the flying car scene on the production's budget. - Unlike most movies, where the sets are generally closed while filming nude sequences, Tommy Wiseau insisted that the set be open while filming the long love scene between Lisa and Johnny. EDIT: A few more. - Somehow filming lasted 6 months. - The film was originally written as a play, then a novel. - When Greg Sestero had to call Dan Janjigian to tell him that they were going to reshoot his scenes, Dan's response upon picking up the phone was "Did Tommy blow up the studio yet?" - Tommy Wiseau once yelled at a crew member for farting on set.
10135 SunshineOnline16 Well, Paramount lost on this one because this movie is going to keep paying out much longer than a lot of their own productions.
750 Cunova He also paid to keep it in theatres for the 2 week minimum to qualify for the academy awards. The one theatre that premiered and showed it mind you.
944 santoxeu Should I watch The Room before watching The Disaster Artist?
1714 Jdog615 It's like the Always Sunny gang trying to get money for Lethal Weapon 6
2209 trout_fucker I love the theory that Tommy is actually one of Andy Kaufman's characters or at least some kind of post mortem stunt he set up.
1330 lacourseauxetoiles Ha ha ha. What a story Mark.
908 addpulp Fun story: A few years ago Tommy came to one of the screenings that the local theater in DC does of the movie. When we came into the theater down the escalator, he was waiting at the bottom with a table signing stuff. I got him to sign a butt plug I bought to have him sign. He didn't seem phased or question it. We gave him our copy of The Disaster Artist that Greg and Mike signed and he said "throw this way it's all lies," we told him we were sorry and he said, "I kid, I kid, but burn this" and signed it. I was first in line for the Q and A and I said that my girlfriend and I built our relationship around the movie, because one of the first things we talked about was the book when we accidentally met online and I sent her my copy to read. I asked if he had advice. He rambled about numbers for a while that didn't make sense, then said "anyway get married before you die old and alone like me." I said we would get married if he officiated. He told her to come up and did a weird gesture and some mumbled "in the name of the son, the spirit, and the holy ghost" etc then told us we were married and his assistant who was in The Neighbors gave us merch. A year or two later, he did an interview and said he was putting his effort into start a dating site for fans because "he had heard people were meeting because of the movie." His assistant added us on Facebook despite us never telling him who we were.
134 TheresOnly1GaryKing My favorite story in the book The Disaster Artist is about the Golden Gate Park football toss between Mark and Johnny. Apparently the playful tackle was anything but. The dialogue during the scene is looped stuff like, "How's it going man?" - "Good, you?", like a lot of dialogue mixing in the movie. But what Greg Sestero actually said was 'catch this' in French. He writes in the book that Tommy immediately glared and yelled,"NO FRENCH WORDS IN MY MOVIE, DAMN IT!" and tackled him for real. I love this story. It's not only hilarious, but retroactively explains why no character in The Room ever says the word *fiancee*. Tommy Wiseau ~~was~~ is so determined to present himself as the All-American Hollywood Filmmaker that he won't even use a french word that Americans use every day in his script.