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Heavy rain leaves trail under cristaline water and creates a rare and beautiful scenery
TIL that comedian Ryan Stiles from Whose Line is it Anyway? has been a frequent fund raiser for children with burn injuries, raising over $500,000 for the Burned Children Recovery Center since 2009, helping the foundation to recover from the economy crash of 2008.
All grown up??
Modern Warfare 2
The worst feel.
Shocking Artistry...
House Democrats Join Everyone Else in Letting Equifax Off Easy for Catastrophic Hack
Playful passenger pups
Today is the eighty-first birthday of Harald V, king of Norway. Here's a joke he made on national television a few years ago. The lady is his wife, the queen of Norway
BREAKING: Linda Belcher (D) flips red Kentucky State House seat that gave Trump 72%
Planned this outfit days in advance
North Korean speed skater tries to trip Japanese opponent
Cop received 1 day suspension after he dragged woman down stairs by her hair while punching her face and calling her a f*cking b*tch. Now entire neighborhoods have come forward to describe how that cop and his squad terrorize the community.
Paramount Drops 'Transformers 6' from its Slate
Turtle stampede
My dad, 1993, rocking a shiner he got during an amateur basketball game the day before I was born.
Fixing the table corner
Took this with my phone through my windshield while stopped at a light.
This guy deserves a standing ovation.
"I'll just ignore them..."
RIP Peter Wang. All of these folks showed up to honor an American hero.
Helping zoomies
LPT: A hose on the tailpipe can direct soothing carbon monoxide back into the car cabin to help your kids get a nice long nap!
Cole Sprouse Twitter
MRW another white person walks into the Theatre to watch Black Panther.
Teen arrested for making threats against school, AR-15 found in home
When objects fight back
By chance, I paused at the right time. This is when lighting strikes as Katara confronts her mother’s killer. What a powerful moment.
At the end of Captain America: Civil War, the only marks on Cap's shield are from Black Panther's claws, since both are made of vibranium.
When I see people complain there are 'too many reposts'...
Wholesome reminder to relax a little!
This was removed from r/technology just after it hit the front page. Can we get it back there? Ajit Pai killed net neutrality. Let's pass the CRA and give him the worst day of his political career.
Luck of the Fryrish
Just a delicate little shift
My son waiting patiently for his checkup
My local supermarket stocks the Raspberry Pi magazines in the cooking section
1954 Nananananbaa Would be hilarious if EA ended up not only hated by the players but also by every other company in their gambling business. And I can totally see the EU screwing them just like that.
15468 H_O_T_S_H_O_T I'm Dutch and this is my translation of [the article they used]( (sorry for the terrible formatting I'm on my phone):   The minister of Justice wants to ban in-game purchases, if you don't know exactly what it will contain. "Combining gambling and gaming, especially at a young age, is dangerous for the mental health of the child.   The commotion started last week with the new game Star Wars: Battlefront in the the game you could buy so called "loot boxes", virtual boxes which could contain advantages for the game. You don't know however what it contains beforehand.   "The combination of money and addiction is gambling", ruled the gambling committee. VTM News brought the news and a few days later EA withdrew the function from the game, partially because Disney complained, which has the rights to the Star Wars merchandise.   Geens now wants to prevent that these kinds of functions will be in any games going forward. "But that takes time, because we'll have to make a proposal to the EU. We will definitely try to ban it."   Edit: changed some wording for clarification and accuracy. Edit: Thank you random stranger for my first Reddit Gold! I am glad I was able to help you and so many other people with my translation so much that you gifted me Gold. It is greatly appreciated and I hope you have a great day like I will now have. Thanks.
2510 Second_Horseman If I could listen in on the inevitable rage filled call from Disney, what a joy that would be. They don't want their newly purchased franchise being associated with getting kids hooked on gambling!
3193 moonsout_goonsout EA will be shitting it's pants. Imagine the money they make in Europe from FIFA
2015 bigbadkenny EA not only shot themselves in the foot, they blew off the whole leg for every other developer who is taking advantage of people with loot Crates. This is awesome!
6142 ThomasIsAtWork It begins
13658 greennick I imagine this will be popular in the gaming community, not in the EA boardroom though.
132 Didiams How was the connection not made years ago when I was 12 and snorting crushed gachapons like it was the 80's
3658 PilotKnob And while they're at it, how about mandating a price on the box which includes all potential purchases within the game. "Price $60. Total cost including all add-ons $2960."
691 Suzakured Activblizz wont be happy that EA fucked up their loot box system. All was well until EA tried to be funny
5506 Frostfright When you're paying real money for the *chance* to unlock content in a videogame, you're pulling a slotmachine arm. That's gambling, and it is strictly regulated for a reason.
2038 Pluckyducky01 THAnk ya Belgium
1008 GuttersnipeTV More countries get behind this plz. Nobody wants their kids using their credit card on games that they already paid once for. And let's be real. These loot boxes target the impatience of children more than any other type of age group.
1782 TheRepenstein Is Belgium going to be the ones to save the gaming industry
396 drizzy_hendrix Help us Obi-Belgium, you’re our only hope