Man wins $390,000 in gender discrimination case because a woman got the promotion he was more qualified for
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Nearly 30 years elapsed; just before my retirement, we re-created my favorite photo of my oldest son & I...
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Stop it.
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TIL that in early 2016, a woman tracked down the family of a WWII veteran whose Purple Heart she bought at an Arizona Goodwill store for $4.99
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LPT: If you rent a tool from Home Depot after 6pm (mine closes at 9pm) you can rent it for the 4 hour price versus the 24hr price as long as you get it back to them by 9am the next day.
Reddit, fucking stop.
My brother sent this to me and said he bought a “hipster drone”
Fox broke into fisherman's bag and ate all the fish!
It would not be polite to ask the President to walk farther than 100 feet without a golf cart.
The Old Colony Building, Chicago. Built 1893, power washed 2009.
Diller carefully eats my avocados, then brings me the cleaned pits. I sprout them, then give them away with a picture of him cleaning that particular one.
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8192 pixels of Obi Wan. Upvote this and I'll post 16384 next.
My dad passed away this morning
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Greatmills Highschool Deputy Blaine Gaskill took down the active shooter at my little brothers Highschool today. The world needs more people like him.
The real facts
[Image] Thank you, GetMotivated!
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Trump’s national security advisers warned him not to congratulate Putin. He did it anyway.
Saw this on Facebook, thought it deserved to be here.
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5114 Joey__stalin i'm personally waiting until later in the year, since my battery life is not *too* bad right now, and i want to make this phone last. but i accidentally upgraded to ios 11 last week and my battery performance has definitely gone down.
1086 blancooo If you call AppleCare, they will reserve a battery for you at the closest store to you without you having to go in. The store will then call you when it’s in stock to come drop it off for repair.
209 QuadH Anyone else intrigued by the caption on the picture in the article? "A man is seen calling on an iPhone on October 30, 2017." Ok...
216 iplaywithputty I honestly don’t know what iPhone I have anymore.
16 Jigglyputz I'm so ready for the flip phone revival
1395 creeldeel “They are used to waiting, so make them wait longer” said Apple.
288 Ritehandwingman Does this mean us Plus users get the replacement for free? Probably not, but fingers crossed.
12 Maikeru_Kun It’s kinda like trying to find a single GTX 1070.
150 uglykido Funny question, but why is this issue exclusive to iPhones? I have a shitty low end android phone as a backup phone for 5 years. Couldn't keep it pass 3 hours SOT but it never turns off under heavly load or specific percentage. Same goes with my sister's Galaxy S6, shitty screen-on time but never turns off.
718 Made_in_Murica Apple is letting people get new batteries even if they don’t actually need new batteries. They’re doing the diagnostic, showing the results saying the battery is 98% healthy, not 80% which is the threshold for a battery replacement, and 9/10 people they do the diagnostic for don’t need the batteries but they’re still opting to get them swapped. People who don’t need any repair are fucking things up for people who actually are affected. And Apple is telling people that this program is going until December, please come back later so they can take care of people who do need battery repair first, but people are entitled. I get you’re pissed at Apple, I am too, but you’re screwing over people who need new batteries for real.