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John Musker, the Co-Director of 'The Little Mermaid', 'Aladdin', and 'Moana' retires from Disney after 40 years of work.
TIL of the Thud experiment where participants faked hallucinations to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital but then acted normal. They were forced to take antipsychotic drugs to be released.
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compared to him? you are NOTHING
HMB While I bump with cop.
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If debugging is the process of removing software bugs, then programming must be the process of putting them in.
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Russian presidential vote tainted by reports of ballot-box stuffing
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Andrew Yang is running for President to save America from the robots - Yang outlines his radical policy agenda, which focuses on Universal Basic Income and includes a “freedom dividend.”
AL sheriff buys beach house with $750,000 meant to feed inmates; three days after the story breaks, sheriff imprisons journalist's key source in retaliation
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Man MAkeS RItUaL SaCrifIce tO RaVeNoUS beasT tHat Lives UndEr thE bEd
5595 0xD153A53 > When George Dantzig brought von Neumann an unsolved problem in linear programming "as I would to an ordinary mortal", on which there had been no published literature, he was astonished when von Neumann said "Oh, that!", before offhandedly giving a lecture of over an hour, explaining how to solve the problem using the hitherto unconceived theory of duality. Gotta love the man...
10085 ThisIsTheMilos > Despite being a notoriously bad driver, he nonetheless enjoyed driving—frequently while reading a book—occasioning numerous arrests, as well as accidents. Totally irresponsible and dangerous, but I can't help but find it hilarious.
823 horsetrainer3000 It is quite strange as well what he did as he found out he was terminally ill. He began to write a treatise on the way computers relate to brains. It is in a book called “ The computer and the brain” it is a rather easy read, and the only thing of his that I have read, but it shows his quest for eternal life in a way... There is a quote from one of his friends that Neumann suffered more than any human being his friend had ever seen as Neumann noticed himself losing his mental faculties before his death.
3625 85-15 There's smart, and then there is "make esteemed mathematicians cry when seeing your mathematical ability as a teenager" smart Neumann was a prodigy that delivered out of this world
1944 dudinax He created the basic logical structure for how modern computers work: a central processor with registers and accessing memory by address.
818 Games_sans_frontiers Shit, my 8 year old is behind. I’d better get him tutored.
603 funkyfriedfish Two bicyclists start 20 miles apart and head toward each other, each going at a steady rate of 10 mph. At the same time a fly that travels at a steady 15 mph starts from the front wheel of the southbound bicycle and flies to the front wheel of the northbound one, then turns around and flies to the front wheel of the southbound one again, and continues in this manner till he is crushed between the two front wheels. Question: what total distance did the fly cover? The slow way to find the answer is to calculate what distance the fly covers on the first, northbound, leg of the trip, then on the second, southbound, leg, then on the third, etc., etc., and, finally, to sum the infinite series so obtained. The quick way is to observe that the bicycles meet exactly one hour after their start, so that the fly had just an hour for his travels; the answer must therefore be 15 miles. When the question was put to von Neumann, he solved it in an instant, and thereby disappointed the questioner: "Oh, you must have heard the trick before!" "What trick?" asked von Neumann, "All I did was sum the geometric series."[18] Damn
220 Gwuc He is Known for (according to wikipedia): Abelian von Neumann algebra Affiliated operator Amenable group Arithmetic logic unit Artificial viscosity Axiom of regularity Axiom of limitation of size Backward induction Blast wave (fluid dynamics) Bounded set (topological vector space) Carry-save adder Cellular automata Class (set theory) Computer virus Commutation theorem Continuous geometry Coupling constants Decoherence theory (quantum mechanics) Density matrix Direct integral Doubly stochastic matrix Duality Theorem Durbin–Watson statistic EDVAC Ergodic theory explosive lenses Game theory Hilbert's fifth problem Hyperfinite type II factor Inner model Inner model theory Interior point method Koopman–von Neumann classical mechanics Lattice theory Lifting theory Merge sort Middle-square method Minimax theorem Monte Carlo method Mutual assured destruction Normal-form game Operation Greenhouse Operator theory Pointless topology Polarization identity Pseudorandomness Pseudorandom number generator Quantum logic Quantum mutual information Quantum statistical mechanics Radiation implosion Rank ring Self-replication Software whitening Sorted array Spectral theory Standard probability space Stochastic computing Stone–von Neumann theorem Subfactor Ultrastrong topology Von Neumann algebra Von Neumann architecture Von Neumann bicommutant theorem Von Neumann cardinal assignment Von Neumann cellular automaton Von Neumann interpretation Von Neumann measurement scheme Von Neumann Ordinals Von Neumann universal constructor Von Neumann entropy Von Neumann Equation Von Neumann neighborhood Von Neumann paradox Von Neumann regular ring Von Neumann–Bernays–Gödel set theory Von Neumann universe Von Neumann spectral theorem Von Neumann conjecture Von Neumann ordinal Von Neumann's inequality Von Neumann's trace inequality Von Neumann stability analysis Von Neumann extractor Von Neumann ergodic theorem Von Neumann–Morgenstern utility theorem ZND detonation model
996 Kingsolomanhere When Edward Teller ( father of the atomic bomb)(hydrogen, I stand corrected)*said he couldn't keep up with him, that's saying something
416 Ramennov My favorite quote of his: "If people do not believe that mathematics is simple, it is only because they do not realize how complicated life is."
3802 Euthy Von Neumann might be the last of the true polymaths. Fields have gotten too sophisticated nowadays for a single person to make enormous contributions to more than a couple. It's amazing, though: Von Neumann likely was as influential in physics as Einstein, and yet is also similarly influential in a dozen other fields. I always wonder why Einstein is more conventionally famous.