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People with more wealth tend to report being happier with life, according to a new psychological study of more than 4,000 millionaires. The study also found evidence that millionaires who earned their wealth were happier than those who inherited it.
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A British charity that helps victims of forced marriage recommends hiding a spoon in your underwear if your family is forcing you fly back to your old country, so that you get a chance to talk to authorities after metal detector goes off - have you or anyone else you know done this & how did it go?
Liquid nitrogen + ping pong balls = awesome!
oh that's why [OC]
I'm a 27 year old Saudi woman, I'm currently locked in my room, my mom just disowned me and my brother is threatening to kill me. i need help.
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This is Anthony Borges, 15. He used his body to hold a classroom door shut, protecting 20 other students inside as the gunman fired through the door, hitting him five times. May he have a speedy recovery. (x-post r/pics)
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This is my all time favorite scene. I laugh so hard every time.
Decapitation fuckery
4206 R3ptar1337 "Shortly after 9 A.M., with the submersible about to be lifted out of the water with a towline back onto the ship, a water alarm sounded in the aft sphere, a self-contained part of the submersible containing machinery and oil storage. The towline had apparently fouled on the aft sphere hatch and wrenched it open. With the sound of water entering the aft compartment, Pisces III became inverted and began to sink back to the seabed. The aft sphere was now fully flooded. The additional weight of water now added over a tonne of extra weight to the submersible.[2][5][12] At 175 ft (53 m) the submersible jolted to a stop - held at the maximum length of the nylon towline. The crew now swung about in the sea currents until the rope snapped. The pilots immediately closed down all the electrical systems which instantly plunged the sub in total blackness. They also managed to release a 400 lb (181 kg) lead ballast weight as they descended. They both now readied themselves for the impact on the sea floor which occurred at 9:30 A.M at a speed judged later to be at 40 mph (64 km/h)." Well that sounds terrifying.
4831 One_Hot_Minute "Well, we're down to 12 minutes of air" *"It will be 24 minutes soon"* "What was that?" "Nothing, nothing"
386 Hippy10000 I can't wait for the movie
645 The_Write_Stuff So, the CURV-III is still down there? Be interesting to recover it, just as a piece of history. A 70s vintage ROV that was instrumental in saving two people would make an awesome addition to a maritime museum. 1,600 feet is not that deep by modern ROV standards. I smell a training exercise. Edit: Apparently not, though the first article says it was abandoned during the rescue operation. It was used again in 1976. Now was that the same vehicle or was CURV-III a class of ROVs?
403 HauschkasFoot Would these two guys need to be stashed in a decompression chamber for a while or what?
195 rosypineapple After reading this post title, I had to take a deep breath of beautiful oxygen.
56 finnknit > [The submersible] sank to the bottom of the ocean with ... 72 hours of available life support, which they were able to extend to 76 hours by careful conservation. So really, they should have run out of air 4 hours sooner than they did. Amazing that they managed to extend their air supply as much as they did.
164 epicbenny99 And now they're making a movie of being trapped in a 12 ft swimming pool...
218 sirushi I did not read article, is the air still down there? I need 12 minutes of air for my scavenger hunt.