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My girl friend broke up with me Saturday. Uninvited to "Friendsgiving". I enjoyed this tasty meal instead. Here's to everyone without someone today.
TIL 2000-year-old graffiti was discovered in the ancient city of Pompeii, such as "On April 19th, I made bread." and "If anyone does not believe in Venus, they should gaze at my girlfriend."
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[Homemade] The antipasta tray I assembled for Thanksgiving. Includes Salami, Pepperoni, Smoked Cheddar, Sharp Cheddar, Extra Sharp Cheddar, Cranberry/Cinnamon/Feta log, and a Sharp Cheddar/Swiss/Almond log.
People are spreading the false rumor that NN is protected under a 2010 law. Verizon sued the FCC in 2014 and got the NN provisions removed! Don't let this rumor take hold!
oh hello ??
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PSA: If you're going Black Friday shopping...
Families of 44 dead submarine crew react with fury as Argentine Navy confirms an explosion was recorded last week when it vanished - One widow branded the Navy "perverse b******s" for allowing family members to continue to believe their loved ones could be found alive.
Living in the fallout zone from a nuclear disaster would be no worse for our health than living in London, due to its scale of pollution.
Free falling.
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ThanksgivingBae for hire
Happy Thanksgiving, no matter what you're eating!
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My son is growing his hair out to "look like Anakin." Then, yesterday he got kicked by the cat. He also doesn't like sand.
The edge of the knife in this Swiss restaurant was shaped to show off many of the peaks found in the Swiss Alps.
this guy
I was never jealous of kids these days and the awesome cakes they get for their birthdays. But let me tell you, at 32, I truly understand the joy of receiving one of those awesome cakes. PS the Master Sword was not edible.
My English teacher’s agenda.
Me irl
Suicidal Tendencies - Institutionalized [thrash]
That moment when Netflix thinks you have kids because you watch Clone Wars everyday smh
A month late or 11 months early. Some advice for for next Halloween!
2271 _Mr-Skeltal_ I'm gonna open an ISP... "Yrekan's LAN, An Anal Snakery"
3461 JulietteStray Once a friend and I had driven up to Portland from San Francisco, to do some video work up there, and as anyone who's made the drive can tell you, it takes you right through Yreka. On the way back, there's a big, huge mountain, and in the process of going down it something went Very Wrong with her car, and we had to pull into the nearest repair shop to see what was wrong, in order to find out if we had a chance of getting home. This was in Yreka, CA. Well, we get to Yreka, which is this tiny little city, and we try to find an auto repair place, but it's a Sunday, which apparently means most of them are closed. We call down the list, and every single one.. closed, closed, closed. Desperate, we talk to this front desk girl at one of the hotels, and she says there's a local place just down the street and the owner might be willing to come in and help. She calls and he is, but it'll be a couple hours, so we're told to just bring the car over for now. We bring the car over (just down the street, maybe a mile at BEST and probably less), and there's a couple dudes just hanging out in the mechanic's garage, listening to music, chilling and drinking. We explain the issue and what's going on, and they're like, "oh, well, we can't really help with that but do you wanna hang out and drink with us?" We are... trepidatious, but it's hot, and it's boring, and we really just have to wait for the owner to get there, so... sure. They bust out some tequila from a mini-fridge and we get to it. The owner eventually calls, says he's running a bit late and just leave the car there. We tell him where we're staying (a hotel up the street), and at this point the two mechanic guys in the garage are getting a little rowdy, so we figure it'd be an OK time to excuse ourselves. We say our goodbyes and they offer us a ride up to the hotel since we'd otherwise have to walk -- my friend wanted to take it, but I declined, and though they asked a few more times they eventually let it go. We head off. We're back in the hotel, sitting around, and by now it's dark and we're eating some shitty delivered pizza from.. Round Table, I think? It was the only thing open we could find that delivered, anyway, and we get a call on the room phone. I pick it up. It's the owner of the auto shop, "You the girls that came in earlier, right? You know anything about what happened?" I pause. I'm confused. I look over to my friend as if she could've heard the question somehow, and I slowly say, "Uh.. what do you mean what happened?" "So you two don't know *ANYTHING*," he stresses, "about what happened at the shop?" "Uh... no..? Why, what.. happened at the shop?" I ask. He turns my question around and then asks me to tell him what my experience was while we were there, then, and I let him know we showed up, hung out with those two guys and had a drink or two, but then eventually just headed back to the hotel after he called my cell. As it turns out, the two guys... didn't work there. They were just.. there. And, as it turns out, after they got loaded on beer and tequila and we left them, they *went on a rampage* and destroyed a couple nearby stores and started a fire in a drunken blackout, and police are trying to figure out what happened. ...Anyway, we found out the next morning that the car engine was broken and the whole thing was effectively then scrap, so I had a friend come pick me up and drive me back to Portland so I could fly home, and I never made that drive with anyone again. Yreka, good times. Edit: [found my tweets](
292 Daimo Was it a car or a cat I saw? In the pic.
139 roseleilani So cool to see my hometown on Reddit! Glad to know we aren't forgotten ;)
40 Jetwash787 I never, ever thought that I would see Yreka, CA on the front page of reddit.
29 PeterLemonjellow Meh, Yreka... I much prefer Weed. :)
73 Palendrome My favorite type of post.
21 QuailMan2010 I had an ex who used to live outside of Yreka along the Klamath River, I went back up there with her a couple times. Its very right-leaning and doesn't feel much like CA besides the beautiful scenery.