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Elon Musk has deleted Tesla and SpaceX’s Facebook pages after Twitter challenge
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15480 camtheoldman I had a house fire about 8 years ago. We had 6 people in the house, 3 dogs, and a cat. We got everyone out, but couldn't find my dog or my cat. The firefighters found both and carried them out. Gave them oxygen and calmed them down. I will forever be grateful for the work these men and women do. They saved two of my family members.
1136 BeurreBlanc I believe my dying words will probably be *check on my pets*
3455 Coffeecupgripp Great job guys! Thank you!
2040 NotTheBelt Man these gifs are hard to watch, I’m always so happy when the animal recovers, but if I don’t scroll quick enough, I have to rewatch the whole thing to make sure the animal makes it.
400 fivecentsobct11 Worst fear as a pet owner - kenneled dog being trapped in the house fire.
226 CompassionMedic Done this a few times. We have specific masks for k9/cats. We often will look for pets if there is any sign of them, I advise all pet owners to get a sticker for your front window that shows how many dogs and cats you gave, you can find them on Amazon.
263 emergesunscatheDIY Firefighter here. I carried a dog out of a fire one day. I've seen videos about dog CPR in the past, but it's not something we drill on all the time like CPR on a child or adult. He was not breathing, and generally appeared older and not in the best of health. I did compressions on him for probably ten minutes in front of this burning house before just stopping, partially because at this point I didn't think there was any way he was going to recover and partially because I wasn't sure I was actually doing it the right way for him (I'm also a paramedic). I spent the next five minutes searching the nearby fire apparatus for a blanket. The ambulance I was assigned to that day was parked a couple blocks away, so I started searching the engines and the squad nearest the scene. I came back to put the blanket over the dog and found the owner crying over him. I wanted to fucking vomit. She thanked me profusely through tears. She had been standing in the sidewalk in front of the house the whole time, and watched me try to save him. It was a really, really brief encounter but I'm sure that person still remembers me. I hate that I couldn't get him back. Turns out he was like 14 years old (Golden). I mean I know rationally that dog was pretty much on death's door already but FUCK I wish he just started God damn breathing EDIT: I'm fucking hammered
225 XineOP Aww, poor little guy. Glad he's OK!
335 Siren_stiletto I want to hug a fireman, right now!
555 fornikait Jesus this brought tears to my eyeballs
43 Alakazulie This made me cry like a small child and hug my black lab tightly. She seemed super concerned, I love dogs