No, wait, watch how awesome I am too.
At $85 million, India's next moon mission is cheaper than production cost of Interstellar
TIL That James Earl Jones “once” used a CB radio to talk to truckers in his Darth Vader voice and used Darth as his handle. He stopped because the truckers “totally freaked out.”
An actual photo of Theodore Roosevelt and John Muir at Yosemite, 1903
Get back here, you little shit
Unarmed man murdered by 4 killers
Premature celebration at its finest
Mount Sinabung in Indonesia has erupted
Warren Buffet just won his ten-year bet about index funds outperforming hedge funds
This is probably the last one of these I’ll do for a little while. (I’ll probably do an imperial series in the future, along with maybe some of the other rebel fighters) I settled on Obi-Wan and Anakin for this one. Enjoy!
Spoon of liquid nitrogen in a bowl of gasoline
Residents in Idaho put 183 coffins on the steps of the capitol today to protest the state faith-healing exemption that protects parents if they deny their children medical care
A Kenyan lady found her childhood friend on the streets suffering from drug addiction and took him to rehabilitation.( More pics in comments)
There seems to be a problem with my door
Rip. Credit: Kylo|Ifunny
Modern Warfare 2. Not too long ago but dearly missed.
Cashier pops her tit out as a power move while berating a customer
[Image] Found a note from 2 months ago, made a few updates
Looks like my little guy found himself a girlfriend
Conservatory room addition in the UK [1040x1485]
Inside the largest sinkhole, Xiaozhai Tiankeng, in China
To get away with a bank robbery as a teenager go in naked. they cant look at the security footage because its child pornography.
I can pinpoint the exact moment I started puberty to the first time I saw this scene on Xena: Warrior Princess
[Homemade] Strawberry poptarts
Wholesome moment at the Olympics
This girl's account is a gold mine for stuff like this.
Trump Can’t Save Coal: More Capacity Closed Already in 2018 Than in Obama’s Entire First Term - “Beautiful, clean coal” is not seeing a resurgence, despite what the president claims.
When they write three paragraphs of Hillary and Obama theories, but can’t explain why the President appointed a Russian agent as National Security Advisor after being warned by FBI.
after years of being in love and obsessed with corgis... I finally got my very own.
PsBattle: The Rock and his cousin
Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir Win Gold!
First Image from 'Shaft' Reboot' - Starring Samuel L Jackson, Richard Roundtree, and Jessie T. Usher
A homophobic video urging Russians to re-elect President Vladimir Putin has gone viral less than a month before the country's election. The video tells voters that if Putin's rivals win they will take Russia into a "nightmare" future in which they are forced to co-habitate with gay men.
"O Brother Where Art Thou" is probably my favorite Coen Bros. film. One of my favorite scenes.
the best kind of birth control
A guy with a stutter died in prison
You have to redo the pic you drew me 6 months ago, because you're a better artist now.
I want to sleep next to my new buddy
Get keys on a keyring with a staple remover
T_D attacks Parkland survivors for being photographed smiling, posts personal info of child's father: "Bunch of pieces of shit" - "A minority, an androgynous zhe, a female, and a self-hating white male. Perfect little SJW A-Team" - "FUCK YOU KIDS" - " These kids are fucking disgusting" - "lib cunts"
1 various_extinctions Now listen here...^^^^/s Alright, we've gotten some reports from people complaining about spoilers. There was an official announcement by the BBC, so it's officially out. There even is an announcement trailer. No secret information. No leaked scene. It's a casting decision, like Will Smith playing The Genie in the live action remake of Aladdin. No spoiler. Yes, r/DoctorWho decided to treat it as one, their decision, we made a different one. Apart from that, please be aware that in r/StarTrekGifs we like to treat each other with at least a minimum of decency and respect. 99.9% of our commenters get that. I'd like to remind the other 0.1% to repeat the appropriate classes at Starfleet Academy before rejoining our ranks. Thank you and take care!
644 BigJ76 Please tell me someone didn't actually use that phrase in an article
269 mazzicc Except no one is saying that except people complaining about it
109 gowronatemybaby7 If someone actually made this statement, the sentiment would seem to me to be "Doctor Who makes sci-fi history by casting a woman as the lead" [in Doctor Who.]
457 gezhendrix I adore Janeway. Such a badass
43 Peanutpapa Does X-Files count?
30 [deleted] [deleted]
130 sonofabutch [Did IQs drop sharply while I was away?](
43 jroddie4 I mean there's never been a female doctor who
34 ObsidianG They should have said "as *their* lead"
14 Yobleck Dont forget Elizabeth wier and Samantha carter on stargate atlantis
42 Jesusloveskfc why does that look turn me on so much?