Iowa Children's Hospital
In Tropic Thunder, Robert Downey Jr's character states, "I don't drop character till I done a DVD commentary." During the commentary for the movie, he remains in character.
When you're in love but a wall is in the way
Dude decides to randomly shatter a store's glass front
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TIL Jack Daniels employees get a free bottle of Jack on the first payday of each month.
This greeting card imagery that makes zero sense
Aziz is smooth
"Clean me like one of your french rugs"
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I liked this.
Incredible Fan-Made Infinity War poster
I'm Tricia Helfer, actor, podcaster and Cylon. AMA!
Age Distribution for the 10 Largest Countries [OC]
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MRW I'm still paying my student loan and my wife says, "I wanna start a family".
This perfectly timed picture of a wave
This London apartment features a suspended bed beneath a retractable skylight to maximize space. [1667 × 2500]
When your flat mate goes back to his room for a wank but forgets to disconnect his phone from your speaker
Erdogan says young Turks who study in West return as 'spies' - but his own children studied in US
Hologram on a Star Wars record
The "Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster"
Nova Scotia government to make abortion pill available for free at pharmacies
PsBattle: This cat with a skull on his chest
I recreated Lake Moraine in Minecraft after seeing it on /r/EarthPorn one too many times. Zoom in to see the blocks
squirrel...pencil holder?
Useful trick if you have no room left on the countertop while cooking
Electric mining truck generates more electricity than it uses, due to more load going downhill.
Guess who doesn't like being scared.
This "logic"
My dad and his firebird in the 80s.
WeChat confirms that it makes all private user data available to the Chinese government
Should’ve taken the blue pill
"This is not a DOG!"
My anti-vax 6 year old TOTALLY did this all by herself!!
Why do you people do this to me?
Have Dwane "The Rock" Johnson prepare different meals behind a curtain then have the audience or guest stars guess what he made solely by smell. Can you smell what the rock is Cooking?
What is the science behind waking up literal seconds before our alarm goes off? Even if it's set for different times for different days.
Get off the street!
1558 Falstaffe "Mom, the girl in this video looks like you, but younger"
1040 Razorray21 Mommy, what was that eggplant thing?
197 XSuperBeaverX "Other software can be easily hacked" but this seems to be a flash drive that can just be unplugged?
574 PlatinumWitch In the 90s my family got a family computer we all had to share. It was placed in the kitchen aside the breakfast table. In middle school I was doing my homework, my stepfather was trying to passively help me. I clicked a strange file I had not seen before and a hard core amateur porn video started playing really loudly. Just straight up vagina and penis slamming together with grunting and full bush. My step father ran over and closed it. It was never discussed or acknowledged. So gross thinking about how he used our shared computer to masturbate with. Putting all his boner germs all over it. EDIT: *AVERAGE REDDITOR FAQ*- Average Redditor: "How did you know it wasn't your mother?" PlatinumWitch: "I don't. And that doesn't matter. It doesn't change the story. Lets be realistic though- my mom barely knows how to sign into fb let alone have a digital porn collection in the 90s." AR:"Its probably a video of your step dad and mo-" PW: "Let me stop you right there. This happened almost 20 years ago, don't you think I've thought about that before? Your thoughts are not original. Several other people already said this in the comments. It also doesn't change the story. Besides, we didn't have any cameras back then. It isn't as easy as it is now. The people on the film also didn't have the same figures as my parents and sounded much younger." AR: "SO ARE YOU SAYING YOU THINK PORN AND MASTURBATING IS GROSS!?" PW: "No. I think masturbating close to where your family eats is gross. I think touching your genitals and then putting it on the keyboard where everyone touches and assumes its clean is gross. I think leaving a file right on the main video files folder is incredibly stupid. There was other ways to access porn in the 90s than download and leave it on the family computer so you can tug your junk at 4 am in the kitchen." AR: "YOUR STEP DAD FUCKED YOUR MOM" PW: "Uh- yeah- they were married and had kids. That's usually how it works."
48 AwesomeGullotines When you install protogent
29 FauxPastel Those women are the same age.
18 BunglingBoris Wish my fucking daughter hadn't seen the trailer, that movie sucked ass
84 SnoopCat45 She was doing her essay on Ted Cruz's political stances
30 smackjack She's just protecting her daughter from GOT spoilers.