There should be a reality show where flat-earthers have to find the edge of the world.
Utah ski resort gets a 1 Star review from a guy in Los Angeles because the mountain was too difficult. They used the one star review to advertise what the mountain is best known for.
Too wholesome
The Golden Gate Bridge opening to the public for the first time back in 1937, and yes, it almost collapsed.
Chase Headley works a two ball walk
Who the fuck cares ??
Me too Qui-Gon, me too.
Redditor zooms in on the wristwatch that a facepalming John Kelly is wearing and cross-references the time with the timeline of the speech Trump was giving at the UN, confirming the photo as a genuine reaction to the POtuS' remarks.
Perfect catch and camera look
Linda Hamilton Set to Return to 'Terminator' Franchise
Going under the knife tomorrow morning. I'll be damned if I'm not repping even when I'm down. Fuck cancer.
Heatmap of my Location During Last 2 Years Living in Austin, Texas [OC]
Skeleton of Russian soldier still has gear
People who have time for studying, meeting your friends, sleeping enough, working out, what's your secret? What time-management tips can you give?
Stacked rafts
Failed Soccer Bicycle Kick
Simple yet creative
Trump is using money donated to his re-election campaign and the RNC to pay for his lawyers in the probe of alleged Russian interference in the U.S. election
Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Unveils $20M in Grants for Climate Change, Wildlife Conservation
This statue of a guy eating babies in Bern, Switzerland
?? Hawk doesn't give up and gets the big ?? fish.
Wood Stormtrooper Carving
The way this polar bear casually pushes off and floats.
Am I using deez nuts right?
Skull, pencil, A5, 2017.
BREAKING NEWS: President Trump’s twitter account just got hacked!
Classic Lasagna
Netflix spent 100 million dollars on two Seinfield specials and the rights to Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. That's roughly the same amount HBO spent on the entirety of GOT season 6.
In the film "American Beauty", this scene represents Lester's feeling toward his dead-end job. The feeling of imprisonment.
So my dad called me upstairs to see something, and this is what I witnessed
10 year old girl wins Kent Bazemore's UNO tournament
SJW mode activated.... Cringe level 100%!
M.I.A. - Paper Planes [Hiphop]
Redneck strip show
This wonderful team from Canada have been working non stop to help Florida restore power
Found this today
About 22 seconds to build, but finally finished.
Nintendoes What Others Don't
1536 Falstaffe "Mom, the girl in this video looks like you, but younger"
1034 Razorray21 Mommy, what was that eggplant thing?
190 XSuperBeaverX "Other software can be easily hacked" but this seems to be a flash drive that can just be unplugged?
571 PlatinumWitch In the 90s my family got a family computer we all had to share. It was placed in the kitchen aside the breakfast table. In middle school I was doing my homework, my stepfather was trying to passively help me. I clicked a strange file I had not seen before and a hard core amateur porn video started playing really loudly. Just straight up vagina and penis slamming together with grunting and full bush. My step father ran over and closed it. It was never discussed or acknowledged. So gross thinking about how he used our shared computer to masturbate with. Putting all his boner germs all over it. EDIT: *AVERAGE REDDITOR FAQ*- Average Redditor: "How did you know it wasn't your mother?" PlatinumWitch: "I don't. And that doesn't matter. It doesn't change the story. Lets be realistic though- my mom barely knows how to sign into fb let alone have a digital porn collection in the 90s." AR:"Its probably a video of your step dad and mo-" PW: "Let me stop you right there. This happened almost 20 years ago, don't you think I've thought about that before? Your thoughts are not original. Several other people already said this in the comments. It also doesn't change the story. Besides, we didn't have any cameras back then. It isn't as easy as it is now. The people on the film also didn't have the same figures as my parents and sounded much younger." AR: "SO ARE YOU SAYING YOU THINK PORN AND MASTURBATING IS GROSS!?" PW: "No. I think masturbating close to where your family eats is gross. I think touching your genitals and then putting it on the keyboard where everyone touches and assumes its clean is gross. I think leaving a file right on the main video files folder is incredibly stupid. There was other ways to access porn in the 90s than download and leave it on the family computer so you can tug your junk at 4 am in the kitchen." AR: "YOUR STEP DAD FUCKED YOUR MOM" PW: "Uh- yeah- they were married and had kids. That's usually how it works."
48 AwesomeGullotines When you install protogent
28 FauxPastel Those women are the same age.
18 BunglingBoris Wish my fucking daughter hadn't seen the trailer, that movie sucked ass
82 SnoopCat45 She was doing her essay on Ted Cruz's political stances
32 smackjack She's just protecting her daughter from GOT spoilers.