This gag is now a century old
March Madness perfectly summed up in one photo
Pushing a wall
Mess with the crabo you get the stabo!
Millennials are killing libraries now
Man, this tweet never gets old, but at the same time, didn’t age well at all.
Harry Potter was a trust fund jock who married his high school sweetheart and became a cop.
March Madness summed up in one photo
Hold Daddy's Redbull.
My almost 15 year old best bud. Wanted to share him with the world.
Take that, hot girl.
Demon Spider.
Are you alright?
Senior citizen 60m dash
Nothing Will Happen, If I make A Quick Illegal U-Turn... (WCGW?)
Fisheye photo I shot of the Atlas V / GOES-S launch from roughly 300ft away. My lens was destroyed, but the photo was worth it!
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20 second Judge Judy case
Irish dancing
I’m getting chills in my neck watching this
Irish dancing
[Poetry] Practiced every day for 5 years
North Carolina Police Obtained Warrants Demanding All Google Users Near Four Crime Scenes
Britain will punish Putin's oligarch cronies with new sanctions after spy poisoning
I Dig
What a good father
Pulled a weed and it unearthed a lost tennis ball
You should always consider whats down range before firing an arrow
TIL George Lucas thought Steven Spielberg's "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" would out perform Star Wars so he proposed they trade 2.5% of the profit on each other's films; Spielberg took the trade, and still receives 2.5% of the profits from Star Wars.
Stan Lee's Missing Dog Found, Returned by NFL Legend Jim Brown
choco triggers someone hard
There's a nightmare in my boot
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Veggie broke doggie
Just Divorced, 1930’s
My new favorite Trump bumper sticker
I wish I could be ugly for just one day,
Playground device of death (x-post from peoplefuckingdying)
12 years on disability, 7 years sober, 300lbs lost in 2 years and next week I move to NYC to start a new Job. Keep looking up and keep moving forward!!
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714 The_lonely_vegetable Norwegian here, it seems like many don’t believe/know about these issues so I’m going to share what I know from living here all my life. Please excuse my formatting as I’m on mobile. Free birth control: Some comments claim that this is un true, but it isn’t. However, it’s not straightforward. Condoms (maybe low quality) can be ordered online for free and sent to your doorstep at, I believe, (Norway’s condom). Many schools also have free condoms for the students. Girls can also get free birth control when they’re under 18 to prevent teen pregnancies. Parental leave and vacation time: As far as I know OP is correct. Free college/university: The Norwegian education system is maybe the best thing Norway has ever created. Not only is is there no tuition there’s also something called the student loan. This loan, which is about 10k NOK a month, is meant to cover all the basic needs a student has. Further more the interest rate is so low that people in their fifty’s pay off the house mortgage before the student loan. Also the interest rate is zero until your studies are over and if you complete your degree about 40% of the loan is deleted. This is why Norway’s population is so highly educated. Why don’t people move here? Well, the immigration laws are very strict. It is possible to get a work visa, but why hire a foreigner when most Norwegians are fit for high education jobs? Last, but not least, the taxes are (to all but Norwegians) extremely high for both rich and poor. This comment got really long so if you got any questions just ask
7261 waigl As a European, I would like to ask my fellow Europeans (and everyone else who reads this), please do not think it is suddenly okay to "retaliate" against Donald Trump's rhetoric by calling America a "shithole" in response. America is a lot more than Donald Trump. There are around 350 million people living there, and all but one of them are not Donald J. Trump. Making blanket insults against all of these people just because Trump did it to a couple other nations is still bad form and a bad idea.
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1648 cornonthekopp I can’t understand why someone named u/USAsucksEUrules would post this, norway isn’t in the EU
364 Heathen06 Serious question, if all that is true, what's the downside? Why aren't their borders packed with people trying to get in?
435 Grytnik What the fuck, I don't have paid vacation in norway!
1210 [deleted] [removed]
770 TheBountyHunterIX Ah, yes. I’m sure /u/USAsucksEUrules will make an objective, unbiased comparison /s
926 EntropicNugs Actually in Norway it’s incredibly hard to find a job as many companies hire people their whole lives as it’s hard to fire someone, it’s also extremely expensive ($2k+) to do basic quality of life things such as driving. There’s an insane amount of paperwork in order to immigrate there too, much more strict than US. All your needs are cheap, but anything you’re going to want is expensive. Beer is super expensive and it’s always cold and rainy. Some things to consider
402 the107 Call the US a Shithole and you are progressive and humorous. Call countries that cannot offer basic food, water & shelter Shitholes and you're a huge racist.