A note hanging from this taxi driver's steering wheel
Shedding my Skin
My grandpa in 1970’s when he was playing with the Temptations(he is the main trumpet in their song papa was a rolling stone)
Rainbow hair.
Sock thief
Good advice, wholesome dad
Let me be great! ????
Guy claims to be attacked at Women's March
Little tiny SPIDER
Kevin Hart wins a $40,000 poker pot only from misreading his own hand and decides to give almost half back to the other player.
NVIDIA Tells Retailers To Sell To Gamers, Not Cryptominers As GPU Shortage Causes Extreme Price Gouging
Ok. But its not what we wanted.
fresh new format?
Contactless fight [OC]
Tape down your cables
MRW I can finally watch porn without the camera cover on my laptop because the government shut down
Since the one from yesterday seemed to be a hit I made a new one tonight. I can not wait to do this with a larger set!
My camera focused on the background through the glass.
Ten year old girl standing up to remind us that Flint, Michigan still doesn't have clean water after almost four years. ????????????
Speedy Gonzales got nothing on me.
Making Noodles
Finally organized my Nuka collection.
He loved her, and he loved her.
From Facebook page Classical Art Memes
Gotta go fast
Red plastic cups from Pizza Hut
Please put it back where you found it.
Monster Car
Your belly button is just your old mouth.
Images of Venus’ surface by Soviet Venera probes in 1981
[Spoiler] UFC 220: Ngannou v. Miocic
[No Spoilers] My Cersei Lannister cosplay plus Iron Throne wheelchair
"I wOuLd nEveR cALl HiM fAT!"
I (20) DM'd for my dad and his friends (50s) for the first time tonight...[OC]
Some women took pictures of me at the gym today.
Women's March in White Horse, Yukon, 2018
2965 lonelytrashpanda About 10 years ago I started having seizures like they were going out of style. The first time I was in the backyard with my grandma who was forcing me to do yard work because it wasn't like it was going to kill me. Well I sure showed her! I remember my stomach started to feel strange and my head hurt. My vision was blurred and I couldnt tell if I was nauseous from my head or my stomach. I made it to the tree before I threw up and my grandma yelling something. That's all I really remember. I guess I just fell back into the sand (no dirt in Florida) and started seizing. She was trying to get to me but my one dog wouldn't let her near me. He laid down and kept me from thrashing through the yard. I got up after and tried to go into the house but I had another seizure and he stepped in front of me and stopped my head from hitting the cement. He stayed with me when I finally got into the house and stayed even when the paramedics showed up. Usually he would have to be put in a room because he was very protective of me and being a 100 pound Catahoula he was scary if he didn't know you. I remember being confused why he was so calm and why my grandma wanted me to get into an ambulance. I was in the ICU for a week in the heart unit because my heart kept stopping. He saved my life and I will always be grateful for that. He passed away in 2012 and I never left his side. He was a jerk but no one will ever love me as much as he did. I miss you Rusty. Edit: Rusty is on the right and one of my other dogs Motley is on the left.
3093 kellysmom01 Aawwww. Not goodboye. **B E S T B O Y E** Dogs are nature’s finest. Even better than capybaras and piglets.
1448 bunnyfurcoat My aunt has really debilitating epilepsy and has had multiple service dogs through the years (labs, though). I’ve never seeing any of them to do this, though— this is really interesting! And such a good pibble!
1021 Harrythehobbit What did we do to deserve such magical creatures.
71 IStoleyoursoxs I know two dogs that help the police find drugs and bombs. They’re a pair where one sniffs for drugs and the other sniffs for bombs. It’s really sad cause they both get treats when they find what they’re supposed to but the bomb dog so rarely finds bombs when the drug dog finds drugs all the time. Poor guy never gets treats
298 memorysphincter That took me far too long to realize i was seeing the back of the girls head. At first i thought this was a pretty deformed looking head. Yikes. Good pup though!
118 Baxtab Will someone tell my wife that I can get a dog? No seizure disorder here, just need pup cuddles on the reg
251 MiguelMescudi Dude he looks so concerned while down there omg 😭😭
273 mattj96 My little pibble does this too! Except I didn't train her to and I don't have seizures so she does it while I sleep.
103 DNVN04 Awww his face is like “everything will be alright”
103 creepymeg I have awful seizures and my dog (a golden retriever) learned how to tell if I'm going to have one. I never trained him , he is not a service dog. He learned on his own . He will get in front of me sideways and start nipping at my hand when he thinks I will have one . He knows before I do when I'm going to have one. It's his way of telling me to go get in a safe spot ( bed, couch ). When I have one he will go get whoever is in the house with me to come and help. I had him since he was a puppy, saved my life countless times. I love that guy ;)
80 thehypervigilant I don't know if this is the right word but this makes me happy. The puppers has a job and is great at it.
72 RainCityCatman Meanwhile my cat sits there thinking "finally..."
36 Hoax13 My dogs not trained as a service dog, but he is almost always the first one to move when my daughter had a seizure. We can be sitting in the living room watching tv with my daughter in her room playing and Smokey will look up and towards her room then get up and hurry inside before we can hear her having a seizure. Of course, it may be because that's the only time he can lick her face without her getting mad.