‘Superblack’ bird of paradise feathers absorb 99.95% of light
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Sean Manaea has no hit the Boston Red Sox.
My sister's ridiculously photogenic cat Simba turns 11 today
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Roommate is a radiology major and today they x-rayed flowers. Thought you guys might enjoy
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The recently discovered Giant Squid Nebula in the constellation Cepheus
MRW someone says my custom built jetpack won't work
Prince playing Purple Rain for the first time in front of an audience. They have no idea what they are witnessing. He Kills it.
Rails? Where we're going we don't need.... rails...
TIL that while in Sharon Springs, Theodore Roosevelt was approached by a 12-year-old girl who asked if he would like to have a badger. Expecting to humor her, he agreed, and the girl came back with a 2-week-old badger. President Roosevelt named him Josiah and he became one of the presidential pets.
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Man bit by shark on Kauai's south shore survived a bear attack just months prior
'Male contraceptive pill' successfully limits sperm activity without side effects, scientists find
Near ground level wingtip vortices
I know there are a lot of pictures from Zion National Park on this subreddit, but it’s probably for a reason. Here’s my photo from there, taken last summer. [OC] [3264x2448]
Fallout cosplay
The shape of water
My dog really loves me for me...
U.S. Marines driving through burning oil fields in Kuwait, 1991.
Where boys became men
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MRW someone says that my custom-built jetpack will not work
Over the past 6 months. He’s grown a little.
Captain Bruce Ballantyne, Patrol commander of T Patrol, the Long Range Desert Group (LRDG), probably taken in the Western Desert, Libya, 1940-43
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Keeping up with the Skywalkers
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Verne Troyer, best known as Mini-Me in "Austin Powers," has died
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MARIO & CAPPY- Digital Drawing
I know its not much, but i got my wings yesterday
Verne Troyer prepares for Shark Week
1 TheGreatZarquon Given the popularity of this post, I'd like to remind everyone of Bill and Ted's Law: [Be excellent to each other.](
4099 AKATonyStarks The hilarious and depressing point that the original thread misses is that the US actually spends more *public* money per capita on healthcare than the UK, France, Germany, Sweden etc. All that money just for Medicare and Medicaid. And that's before your private insurance premium ($6,690 was the 2017 nationwide average for an individual plan purchased through an employer). The inefficiency in the US healthcare system is mind-boggling. *edit. Sources: *edit 2: A lot of people are conflating overall health costs and pharmaceutical spending. Currently pharmaceutical spending is about 10% of US national health expenditure. Even a huge cut to our prescription drug spending would make a tiny dent in our overall healthcare costs. It's not quite as big an issue as the debate around it would lead you to believe.
4587 VeryWeirdPerson It's funny, I always tell people "University is free in my country" and americans always response with "you pay taxes"... Well so do you. Turns out I currently pay the exact same tax rates as americans, only the tax rate limit is far higher in Germany for richer people. So we pay the same taxes but I got University, health care, public transportation (certain types) etc, and you pay the same and get shit.
1031 Huwbacca Wait a second... Is that guy saying the higher taxes is a worse trade off? Like, with all the extra you pay in insurance and then on the medical care itself, hes ok with that as long as the government don't get taxes? I mean. Shit, I moved from the UK to Switzerland and I absolutely miss the NHS. Private healthcare here is like £300 a month and then a huge franchise, plus extra costs... Tax may be 16% points lower, but spending on healthcare closes that gap considerably and, for the first time in my life, I have had to consider money over health.. how is this a better system lol
810 herefor1reason Haven't been to a doctor in over a year because i can't afford it. last time i went it was because i'd had a persistent cough for around 2 months and i'd delayed because i knew that no matter what, if i went, we probably wouldn't be able to get food for a while and would've been at risk of not being able to afford rent. bit the bullet and went when it got so bad i was throwing up from coughing so much. turns out i had pneumonia and if i'd kept leaving it untreated i'd have died. if i get a cough like that again i won't wait but who the fuck knows what else i'll have to "wait and see" to get treated or looked at? can't go for everything, me and my family wouldn't be able to survive from the debt. has to be something that's VERY CLEARLY a threat to my life or long term quality of life in a serious way (something that would handicap me).
471 dalismiro921 I live in the U.S. and a few years ago my mom’s gallbladder ruptured after being infected for 2 weeks (we didn’t know until later). We were the only two home, and I couldn’t drive at the time. My mom refused to let me call 911 because just the ride in the ambulance alone would’ve cost too much for us. If my dad hadn’t luckily been on his way home, she wouldn’t have made it. The healthcare system in America literally has rational people choose to not seek medical attention for fear of the immense debt it may cause. It’s fucked, and seeing my mom on the floor like that while not being able to DO anything fucked me up for a while too. Oh, we also spent the next 4 years paying off those bills, with insurance.
2160 lakerswiz I always love the "but what about the long wait times" bullshit. You're waiting longer, for non-emergencies, because more people are getting their health taken care of. It's highly unlikely that the increase in wait times is going to negatively affect you anymore than simply waiting longer. And again, it's for everyone to get taken care of. Fair fucking trade off.