#DeleteFacebook Movement Gains Steam After 50 Million Users Have Data Leaked
19-year-old Princess Diana, 1980.
PsBattle: Kelsey Grammer dressed as Sideshow Bob
?? Red-Eyed Tree Frog opening its eyes
Tree Sculpture, Gabi Rizea, Wood, 2017
[Image] Some people just don’t make excuses.
TIL the reason the Official Nintendo Seal exists is because, in Yamauchi's own words: "Atari collapsed because they gave too much freedom to third-party developers and the market was swamped with rubbish games".
It’s true, I was the box of tampons
The Weinstein Company to File for Bankruptcy Tonight
People won't take 15 seconds to fact check something but will spend 15 minutes to find out what kind of potato they are.
Under 500 pounds for the first time in at least 16 years
danger kitty
MRW someone says I can't pull the words "Fuck You" from the title and put'em in the gif.
+1 for Humanity
Deep Fried Ice Cream
TIL Chris Evans turned down the Captain America role multiple times because of Anxiety, fear of a 10-movie commitment and the public spotlight. He went to therapy before taking the role
Long exposure of a departing train in Budapest that was covered in 30,000 LED lights
Oh cmon, there is even a bird..
Just my cozy bedroom in Boston on a Sunday afternoon
Ken M working at Domino's
Hung out to dry? Close the curtain.
Unbridled Autism
Actual polling center during the Russian election, Moscow (2018).
HMB While I bump with cop.
Facebook has suspended the account of the whistleblower who exposed Cambridge Analytica
Well, dam
My husband built me a gaming nook in our basement.
LPT: When you know where you are going to college, make sure to decline the others. People often end up on waitlists and the sooner that you decline the more likely they may be to get in. It could be their dream/reach school
Young man moved to tears at the sight of his mother walking down the aisle to marry his father
Aw man :(
It shall commence on 4/20
Mark Zuckerberg Has Lost $5 Billion So Far Today Amid Facebook Data Controversy
With friends like this...
The New Stormtrooper type in Solo.
Minivan window: 1 Cop Man: 0
Employees have reported hellish working conditions
878 Geckao Not just the balloon men, but the balloon women and balloon children too.
85 poopellar Absolutely deplorable. Playing with his victims before murdering them.
116 f1sh98 Please mark NSFL
28 lewisjames000 Superb edit!
22 MattBaster That's a lot of work! Excellent doodle!
34 burnmp3s 30 balloons went into the grass. Didn't see the first doggo for about a half hour. Golden Retriever. Five footer. You can tell by looking from the bandana to the tail. What we didn't know, was that our balloon mission had been so secret, no distress signal had been sent. We formed ourselves into tight groups, the dog would come to the nearest balloon, and we would roll around to shake him. Sometimes the doggy would go away, sometimes he wouldn't go away. Sometimes that pupper, he looks right into ya. Right into your eyes. You know the thing about a cute fun loving dog is that he's got lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll's eyes. When he comes at ya, doesn't seem to be livin', until he boops ya. Then those black eyes roll over white and you go up and away, and by the time he's done with ya the rest of the balloons can only hear the sick POP in the distance. 30 balloons went into the grass, 11 balloons come out, doggy took the rest.
16 Aleksandrovitch Balloon Lives Matter.
12 ThatGooeyStar I love the attention to detail with the balloons near the front row noticing what's happening just a little bit later than the others, one in particular doing a double take. I just love this.
7 sooperdavid never invite dogs to balloon parties
5 Viperreis This made such a cute gif into a nightmare
5 isthewonder This makes me want to give me dog some balloons, but knowing him, he'd end up eating them after they popped.
4 codsonmaty [what the fuck are you smiling about man](
3 Donjuanme unaltered source? That's adorable
3 BillThePsycho r/PeopleFuckingDying
6 Nabbicus I liked the dickbutt face at the end.
8 realvmouse Super cute. Please don't do this! Balloon pieces are a major cause of suffocation of children, and they also can be very hazardous for dogs. That rubber can easily pop into the mouth and be inhaled, and that's it for doggo, death by suffocation before you could possibly get to the vet. But super cute, I'll try to enjoy it without stressing too much!
3 Flloppy Smart and funny expressions
3 just_lurkingg I would love to see a happy version of this, where the balloons are screaming with joy while getting tossed around lol
3 RafeHaab My dog popped a balloon once. It felt so guilty it hasn't accepted one as a toy ever since. It will carefully sniff new balls to make sure they aren't balloons.
2 CantUnthink Bill, is that you?
2 tommyjoe2 The way the faces change when they start realizing what's happening.... im cracking up. this is really well done
2 Droidaphone Nice smears!
2 VideoJugs Dude this is so good!! All the little worried looks and glances I love it
2 Nisas Makes me wonder if you could make a toy like this for dogs, but more resistant to popping. Not sure we have a material strong and light enough though. Maybe if you made the material more solid, but filled it with helium. So the helium would cancel the added weight, but not make it fly.
2 timberwolferlp There goes Allen’s family. Not even acupuncture could save them.