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TIL George Lucas thought Steven Spielberg's "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" would out perform Star Wars so he proposed they trade 2.5% of the profit on each other's films; Spielberg took the trade, and still receives 2.5% of the profits from Star Wars.
14277 Gabesnake2 Did you check the battery compartment for wads of cash and n64s?
4983 toolsofpwnage I call bullshit. OP clearly got the gameboy and when he opened it up there was a couch inside
1810 TexasSilverback I remember getting my SP. My older cousin came over the day it was released and was showing off relentlessly, something he did anytime he got something new. I still had my Advance, which I got through a loophole, and was more than satisfied. I mean I agreed it was nice and all, but dude just wouldn't shut up about it. I came into the kitchen and my mom asked me "is Michael annoying you?" and I'm like "not really, he got the new game boy and he's just showing off". She asked if I needed it because she didn't know if they were making new cartridges for it like the transition from GBC to GBA. And told her "no. The only real cool thing is it doesn't need batteries because you just charge it". She was like "really? No batteries??" She ended up leaving and coming home a few hours later with an SP for me and my younger sister. Total surprise. She said "now you both have NO reason to take the batteries out of the remotes!" mannn what a great day. Michael was so pissed cause he wasn't special anymore. I still have that SP laying around. TLDR: Got an SP the day of release because of my annoying cousin. Eat a dick Michael. Edit: my most upvoted comment is basically telling my cousin to eat a dick. Outstanding 💯
833 SyxxFtH8 Surprised it doesn't still have 48% charge.
1974 suddenly_ninja It's good to check underneath things you buy that people previously owned. Once, when I was in college, I picked up an old couch that was out on the street. I checked it over, and sprayed if with anti-flea spray just to be sure. But sure enough, I was sitting on the couch watching TV later that week, and felt a sharp sudden pain in my leg. I looked down and saw a shinobi from a rival clan had stabbed through my leg with his ninjatō. I would recommend that you wrap the couch for a couple of days, but since you owned it for a few years you are probably okay.
447 OverlandBaggles So there's definitely a story of a kid losing this thing. I lost both a DS and a GBA SP when I was younger. I just wish I could know what ended up happening to them and if people enjoyed them.
407 tanomous Free GBA:SP and Bed bugs? Not a bad deal
251 KnockingNeo Damn, come on, you gotta clean out a second hand couch when you get it... shit son
90 t0n3w0k3 If you dig deeper, you might find the missing child it belonged to.