Internet Defenders Urge Mass Revolt to Fight FCC's "Scorched-Earth" Attack on Net Neutrality: "FCC Pai is handing over the internet to a few humongous gatekeepers who see the rest of us as products to be delivered to advertisers, not as citizens needing communications that serve democracy's needs.'
Watch the moment a North Korean soldier defected to the South
Birthday girl.
When someone asks me what the FCC is
Roses are red, Pai should be in detention,
??Here he is, the Biggest Douche in the Universe!??
Corrupt politician. Upvote this so that it shows in Google image search when you Google "corrupt politician".
Teaching kids poor standards
U.S our people need us to help stop this from happening!
Never Tell Me The Odds of losing Net Neutrality! Stand with us and fight the FCC and ISPs from blocking, throttling, and paid prioritizing the web!
Programmer's Life
You seeing this Net Neutrality? Let's keep it, before greedy companies take even more money from us!
Dolores Faith in a publicity still for the 1962 movie, "Wild Harvest"
You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours
Bitcoin Mining Now Consuming More Electricity Than 159 Countries Including Ireland & Most Countries In Africa [OC]
This happens all the time in college right?
When you finally give in to temptation and use the BattleForTheNet autodialer website.
My best friend was recently re-diagnosed with cancer and the doctors don't know how long he has left. I decided to drop out of college so we can pursue our bucket list together and film all of it. This is our first video.
I guess I'll just go then...
Congressmen demand investigation of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, Sinclair Broadcast Group
[I Ate] Montreal poppy seed bagel with cream cheese and smoked bacon
MRW I realize without Net Neutrality I might have to pay for porn.
Head-on collision caught on security cam
James Franco has 25 minutes worth of The Room shot-for-shot remake leftover from The Disaster Artist, hopes to release it
Happy anniversary
Drawing book, pencil, A5
EA memes and FCC memes have a quick return of investment, but how about a crossover meme?
FaLmEr InFanT SlAyinG thE DraGonBorn
This really makes me smile.
Redditor explains why net neutrality matters, as if to someone who uses libraries.
The way this cargo ship's shadow looks like a city skyline
Do you like looking at pictures that accidentally look like paintings? Be a shame if you had to pay extra for it. Join us in the battle to fight for internet neutrality!
Freddie Mercury with his mother, 1947 [448x700]
Five degrees of separation
Imagine if your ISP restricted which games you could play and where you could download them from! The possibility is real with the removal of Net Neutrality! Help us fight to keep our internet freedom and save Net Neutrality!
This VICE article..
Join the fight for Net Neutrality so we can keep our mathematical fandom alive!
Technique with speed
This is what progression looks like in "Need For Speed Payback". A Slot Machine simulator by one and only, E.A.
You really think someone would go on the Internet and tell lies?
3506 G19Gen3 ... Maybe a bottle of water instead of something RED for trying out the new arm.
3897 chimney_sweep It's ok. We're laughing *with* the disabled person.
1688 huskerlux Went to school with her. She is super upfront about not having an arm and she would play pranks on people. She had a normal prosthetic and would tell her RA that someone stole it and threw it down the trash chute. She was also great in haunted houses. Very scary to see an arm actually come off someone.
917 enkidomark r/shittycyborgs
484 EtheyB It's interesting that she still naturally clenches her left hand when she panicked.
467 mcketten My buddy was one of the first soldiers to receive the robotic prosthetic arms now commonly used by the VA. Early on, when they were fine-tuning it, he would have these kind of problems. He dropped drinks all the time. One time it was so powerful that he crushed a beer bottle when trying to grab it with the hand. That day he took it off until the techs could examine it. To quote him, "Fuck me. It's a good thing I didn't start the day by jacking off." edit: (no, he didn't really jack off with it according to him. They did warn him about that.)
119 Identifree Upside of having a cyborg hand with articulated digits: No skin to get scratched or injured. Downside: No skin means your palm won't mold to whatever you're holding onto.
165 onoki I would like to upvote, but that hand isn't shitty at all. Really cool.
176 SayBroMan I'm actually impressed she knew she was dropping it before it was fully out of the robotic hand. She wasn't exactly staring at it so is their some sort of feeling in that arm?