New smash looks soo good ??
[Image] Keep going and don't mind what other people say
90's novelty floppy disk.
U.S. loses bid to halt children's climate change lawsuit
He just looks so pleased with himself
No, but these hands are free sir
Tigers can't purr, but when they are happy they chuff
Mama Corgi prefers to stare at her babies rather than sleep
extremely relatable
They can never replace it
John Musker, the Co-Director of 'The Little Mermaid', 'Aladdin', and 'Moana' retires from Disney after 40 years of work.
TIL of the Thud experiment where participants faked hallucinations to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital but then acted normal. They were forced to take antipsychotic drugs to be released.
I think this belongs here
compared to him? you are NOTHING
HMB While I bump with cop.
An appropriate post for a Monday
Being a kid and eating this. (Cup of Dirt)
1950's. Soviet kindergarten
How to spot the stoner in math class
PsBattle: this family photo of cat
A wild Cutebone appears
When your mom tells you what a handsome boy you are
Mexican restaurant opening in Norway
Close up coral spawning.
There are parking spots for dogs outside of a supermarket in Finland
Age doesn't define swagger
Hey hey uh why’d you stop
And they say our talented troopers can't aim!
Aid airdrop
My Music / Gaming Room
If debugging is the process of removing software bugs, then programming must be the process of putting them in.
This belongs here
Russian presidential vote tainted by reports of ballot-box stuffing
A little jewel by Racing Club's Lautaro Martínez
Gunslinger, pen and ink, a3
Cool painting my Dad made
Andrew Yang is running for President to save America from the robots - Yang outlines his radical policy agenda, which focuses on Universal Basic Income and includes a “freedom dividend.”
AL sheriff buys beach house with $750,000 meant to feed inmates; three days after the story breaks, sheriff imprisons journalist's key source in retaliation
Let me fix that for you
Man MAkeS RItUaL SaCrifIce tO RaVeNoUS beasT tHat Lives UndEr thE bEd
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1100 CocoaMotive I've been considering becoming a teacher for a year or so now and I'm constantly put off by the horror stories from other teachers tbh.
2025 PaperClipsAreEvil > supplies not provided. This person U.S. teaches!
459 2big_2fail Eventually, aspiring teachers and coaches will be replaced by people that just like being armed.
480 rain-dog2 I can't find my school ID badge today, or my interactive white board pen. What could go wrong with me carrying a gun?
291 banjo_electric As a teacher, if I had to end someone's life - even if it would save many others - it would psychologically ruin me. Expecting teachers to be mentally prepared to kill is completely farcical.
725 42words My wife is a public school teacher. It's gonna be a pretty awkward conversation later tonight when I have to explain to her that it turns out all this horrific violence is her fault for not rolling strapped. I'd better get wine.
1355 LittleShrub Also: Republicans will refer to you as "lazy and overpaid" and will try to cut your salary further. Also, the pension benefits will be cut next year.
201 MrGreyMan "Give the teachers guns" is the newest "this is a mental health issue." They just need something to talk about that's not gun control. They would *never* ***actually spend money*** on either.
175 aFamiliarStranger Are other teachers with guns gonna stop a teacher who snapped and now has means to shoot? Seems like with the amount of stress they're in, giving them guns isn't the best option for students.
157 whyisthismythrowaway and will be summarily fired for shooting the wrong kid....or for not quickly enough shooting the right kid. edit: and have to purchase ammunition and yearly recert training out-of-pocket.
28 ThatGuysHat We should introduce a teacher superbowl, the best teachers get drafted to teaching teams where they have to teach at-risk students and their progress is monitored. People start fantasy teams competing at every test. Highest scoring teacher wins a golden apple and a fatty raise.
22 THEJAZZMUSIC >In a democracy, there’s no more noble contribution you can make than to teach in a public school. In this country, the people that do that, they’re fucking losers. They’re just rock-bottom fucking losers! And everybody knows it, but they keep doing it. New people are teaching every day, knowing how shitty it is. They show up, tell them ahead of time. “Hi, what is this job?” And they say, “Okay, here’s what we need you to do. We need you to make children know math.” "Wow. Do they wanna know math?” “No, they don’t want to know it. You need to make them know it against their will. While they’re exploding sexually and beating the shit out of each other.” “Who are these children?” “Just whatever kids live near the building.” “How much do I get paid?” “About $10 every four years.” “What if I get good at it? What happens?” “Nothing. Nothing happens. Nobody notices, and you get fired, and you die alone.” “Okay, I’ll try it for 25 years.” -Louis C.K.