Reddit’s The_Donald Was One Of The Biggest Havens For Russian Propaganda During 2016 Election, Analysis Finds
Nice try...
[homemade] red velvet cheesecake brownies
Lion cubs watching Lion King
TIL it is illegal in China to be reincarnated without government approval.
This bulls hair is fucking ????
Chef cut himself so badly yesterday he had to go to the hospital and take the day off. We set up his station this morning with his safety in mind
My hotel room comes with a complimentary android phone with free data and calls
My sister likes to paint on her free time. This was her house warming present to me
Steam Controller Factory QA Check
West German and East German Family Members Hug over the Berlin Wall. Circa 1989.
Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner Sues Big Pharma, Drops All Marijuana Possession Charges
The Institute can wait, another settlement needs my help.
New Image from Netflix's Post-Apocalyptic Zombie-Thriller 'Cargo' - Starring Martin Freeman & Anthony Hayes
Alarm clock with HD night vision camera
This ref taking his job very seriously
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Ladybug demonstrates how its wings unfold
Lobby for Hotel Danieli, Venice Italy. [1709x2100]
When i check on my dank OC prequel meme after a few hours
1 out of 10
The "Mesozoic-era fuckboy" starter pack
Was messing around with my macro lens and this was the result
Wait, I changed my mind
When i check on my OC meme after a few hours
Let's give Russia a taste of its own medicine
Oh thanks! Wait what...?
Dad helping his blind son to enjoy a football match
LPT: When browsing, you can replace "en" with "simple" to bring up simple English wikipedia, where everything is explained like you're five.
Not a care in the world
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Dragon bones by Stefan Koidl, digital, 2018.
Thank god for twitter
There have been 241 posts in /r/The_Donald linking directly to the twitter account @TEN_GOP, which we know from yesterday's indictment was a fake account controlled by Russian operatives.
This vvv goodgirl told some drunk guy to do a heck and don’t come in our apartment last night.
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1542 Reddituser703 Pre packaged rations made by a private company that someone from the administration will make money off.
3517 thewholedamnplanet Yes but to be fair it's a scam where some Trump Campaing contributors will get the contract, collect inflated fees and send out absolute garbage, maybe even literal. See Puerto Rico's food contracts for preview.
534 LonnieJaw748 Can’t wait to head down to the cafeteria to enjoy an MRE from 1978! Edit: Ok, ok. Maybe they’d be from 1981. But we’ve had a stockpile of billions of those [nutritional biscuits]( for decades. Maybe they’ll be serving them as well.
227 Jack_Cabbage They were also paranoid about the rationing of healthcare under Obama. Of course thats not what was happening. This food box idea is dumb for a thousand different reason.
390 bob_in_the_west Prepacked food sounds like low grade cardboard with a lot of sugar and food coloring and preservatives and flavor enhancers. "But it's cheap!", right? But I'm not against prepacked food per se. If it consists of healthy food then I'm all for it.
143 Ehcksit Good news, the government has increased the chocolate ration to 20 grams.
17 Lan777 If the current administration were capable of doing this then it would be a great SUPPLEMENTARY PROGRAM to food stamps that people in need could elect into given they were at least given a few choices in what came in the box and it wasnt just a 48-pack of great value brand soup cans but actual food. Along with the current food stamp program which affords people and families the freedom to still be able to pick what they eat, it could help people that perhaps don't have access to a good grocer or people working multiple jobs that still require food aid for them or their family. Problem is, based on this admins current track record and staff roll, I jave serious doubts that they would be capable of pulling it off. Also, based on the rhetoric and recent policies implemented, I have doubts that the primary purpose would be to provide nutritious meals but instead it would be to do the barest minimum and still underfund it because of the view many far right conservatives hold that poverty is by and large a personal failure that shouldn't be rewarded. It's important to note that this is a FAR right view because even people like Paul Ryan have attested that sometimes you get stuck in poverty and that it isn't necessarily because of laziness.
61 bunnylover726 My first thought is what if someone is poor and has food allergies/intolerances? Would that be accounted for? Or would they get told to just bootstrap themselves?