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We just outted our corrupt prime minister in Armenia with a 10 day peaceful revolution, 200K people on the streets of the capital Yerevan. He was president for 10 years then changed constitution and elected himself as PM 4 4 days. Next up parliament!
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“Now add bits to the bird” - from my 5 year old’s school book
Meg's Hopes And Dreams Are Shattered At The Bar
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1749 CompetitiveLoiterer The original was obviously [Chain Hang Low](
282 rex_francis In Australia the Ice Cream Van Song is “Greensleeves”.
1741 MKN_99 Good job soldier, now get your shit together and sleep a full and healthy 8-hours
167 pseri097 For the lazy: Turkey in the straw: Nigga love his watermelon:
295 doctopi *Image Transcription: Facebook Post* --- **Censored Name (Blue)** [*Facebook post attached to song/video. Video thumbnail shows record cover with album information.*] Guess what...The Ice cream Truck song playing in the hood or your local neighborhood was a song called "Nigger Love A Watermelon"🍉 LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN TO SONG IN VIDEO WATCH FULL🎵 share, like, 1916🎼 --- *Image Transcription: Facebook Comments* --- > **Censored Name (Red)**: [*Comment attached to post above.*] Seriously man? This song was popularized in the late 1800s- it's called "Turkey in the Straw." You're only making things worse as far as race tensions go in our world and it's not what we need. I notice you blowing off commenters on your posts but please listen. The world doesn't need any more hate and this is just going to send the message that all races aren't equal but they are. Please do research and change your posts accordingly. In addition, this "N*gger Love a Watermelon" did exist, it was a parody of "Turkey in the Straw!' Saying the Ice Cream Truck song is this is like saying Weird Al songs are the official versions. --- ^^I'm a human volunteer content transcriber for Reddit! [If  you'd like more information on what we do and why we do it, click here!](
461 khal_Jayams Weird Al's versions SHOULD be considered the originals.
417 17th_knight >The first and natural inclination, of course, is to assume that the ice cream truck song is simply paying homage to "Turkey in the Straw," but the melody reached the nation only after it was appropriated by traveling blackface minstrel shows. There is simply no divorcing the song from the dozens of decades it was almost exclusively used for coming up with new ways to ridicule, and profit from, black people. >In the late 1820s, the music was given new lyrics that dripped with racism and titled "Zip Coon." The blackface character of the same name parodied a free black man attempting to conform to white high society by dressing in fine clothes and using big words. Fifty years later in postbellum America, the character became an archetype of the black urbanite and propelled minstrel shows to the height of their popularity. Zip Coon was the city-slicker counterpart to the dimwitted, rural blackface character whose name became infamous in 20th century America: Jim Crow. These two characters would often interact on stage and were the inspiration for the hugely successful Amos 'n' Andy act decades later. >The lyrics of "Zip Coon" follow the namesake through encounters with possums, playing the banjo and courting a woman whose skin was so black that he calls her "ol Suky blue skin." A century later, it was still celebrated and inspiring America's music. The recognizable melody aside, we've all sung a variation of the lyrics. The chorus goes: >O zip a duden duden duden zip a duden day. (If this sounds similar to the Academy Award winning "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah," it's because that song was derived from this chorus.)
565 hollytot What a polite and succinct backhand though. Good job OP
209 dftba8497 "Turkey in the Straw" also has a racist past was a staple of minstrel shows.
127 Sressolf So was posting this on Reddit part of your plan from the beginning, or did the idea occur to you when you were admiring your handiwork?
14 Midianite_Toker TIL what this song is called.
17 ihugfaces I don't know bout the racist shit but I'm still rather salty that my ice cream truck dude advertised the Mickey Mouse pop but never actually had any
8 KJ6BWB TIL "do your ears hang low" is actually "turkey in the straw". Wow. Learn something new every day.
111 iamachairama To be fair though, there's a difference between a parody song about pizza rather than emotions and a parody song promoting racist stereotypes. Apparently the "N***er love a watermelon" song was very popular. Also the "Turkey in the Straw" song was sung in minstrel shows, where the performers were in blackface, so it's not like "Turkey in the Straw" has non-racist messages. In addition, there was ANOTHER song called "Zip Coon" that was also racist and about a free black man trying to conform to the "white man's high society," so the Turkey in the Straw song really doesn't have a good past. Basically, it's probably time to change the song to something with less of an awful racist past. [Source 1]( [Source 2](