My shuttle driver in Rome stopped in the middle of the road to save three ducklings who couldn’t get back to their mother
?? We did it! In 2 days the /r/NatureIsFuckingLit community has raised $15,685 for charity with 467 donations to the International Anti-Poaching Foundation ??????
Imagine having this incredible waterfall at the end of your street
I think I'll pass
Dad surprises his daughter.
A UV camera directly shows how sunscreen absorbs UV light on your body
New Bipartisan Legislation Would Repeal Trump’s Solar Tariffs: “I don’t know what good can possibly come as a consequence of stifling the growth of solar power.”
The way these trees don’t touch
Dutch church pays tribute to Avicii after he passed away
LPT: If you're looking for something to read, re-read the books you were required to in highschool. Many of them have a whole different tone when read voluntarily and it will become obvious why they were required.
Pussywillow had two healthy little girls this morning! Poppy and Petunia :)
Yahoo not even using their own search engine
This sink and soap
In Deadpool (2016) while they're on their way to warn Vanessa about Francis, Weasel has a stack on $1 bills in coat pocket which he brought because he knew he'd be going to a strip club.
Love the actor, hate the character
Ping: 4200
MRW people give gold to Reddit admins for their announcement posts
Drive home. Photoshop (digital). 8.5"x8.5"
Ex-cons of Reddit: What was the hardest prison-habit to break after being released?
woof irl
Real life bug
You can do what you want, when you want, and who you want...
Now you know
Seal gets inside shark net and shows off his fishing skills
Fighting bosses in Dark Souls be like
[AMA Request] - People behind lofi 24h beats to study and relax
A hand-made retrofuturistic digital clock.
A boy between two mounted lobsters caught off the New Jersey coast. 1916 (500X388)
Goes in one end and comes out the other.
I think Michael would be really mad if he knew Toby beat him at something
I told myself I’d wait a few years now that I’m out on my own to get a dog... I lasted a week, adopted this good boy yesterday!
Taking one for the team
The police in PEI were on the lookout yesterday.
Fixing his hair before he wears a hat
My dad, sister, and mother on student residences at Karazin University, Kharkiv, USSR (1978)
Pet dog of a three-year-girl who spent 16 hours in the elements has stayed by her side until she was found this morning.
TIFU By walking in on my mom masturbating...
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82 njklein58 For some reason it makes me think of the apartments in Coruscant.
1295 torpidcerulean Is it just me or do home theater posts always bring out the most criticism in this sub?
318 DrumZildjian71 ITT: Reddit vs OP’s emojis, home theater edition
121 PersianBob Do you have any info on those love seats? Thanks
52 SpaceOdysseus I love it! it's,like, "Star Trek: The Next Generation" chic
746 [deleted] And a skylight to get the authentic home theater screen glare XD
16 jigielnik I'd love to see how this looks at night!
299 spartyparty00 Why are the seats off center?
2600 IdRatherBeTweeting This looks great, however it has some practicality problems. First, there is no seating in the optical or acoustic center of the room. The viewer will be looking at the screen from an angle and will be much closer to one speaker than the other. When there is a second viewer, that person will be even further off center or on the other side of the room. I’d rather have one couch in the center than two off-center couches. Second, the drop-down screen isn’t really necessary. Are people going to sit on those couches and stare at a blank wall instead? I’d rather have a cheaper, high quality fixed screen instead. Overall very well executed but just not as practical as it could be. EDIT: Yes having the gap between the couches makes it easier to walk without stooping over. Personally, I'd rather stoop for a second and enjoy my 2 hour movie from the proper perspective. EDIT 2: Wow, so many people saying this is an example of how this sub is overly critical. I said at the beginning and the end that this was well-executed. I simply said I prefer to sit in front of my TV rather than an angle. I think that is a reasonable criticism for a function-specific room like this.
22 shichae Nice setup! Having had a few lofts that went unused save for storage after the novelty wore off, let me add to the list: “all the summertime heat you can loathe”.
29 GotZah Hey /u/kierdavis, I appreciate your posting this onto reddit for us to see. I hope the other commenters haven't turned you off from sharing future work. I get how client work can be frustrating sometimes, and it's baffling how some commenters think you can strongarm a client into doing something logical. There are simply some cases where you do what you must to get paid and have a positive experience with a client. Keep it up, and ignore the haters.
32 peesinthepool For what it’s worth, I love it! Whose ever home it is, is very lucky!
13 scriptkitty1337 dibs sitting in the middle on a chair
25 hahanoob I really hope you keep sharing your work because this is great even if it's not exactly optimal or how some others would have done it. It's a cool looking space regardless.