This gag is now a century old
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Mess with the crabo you get the stabo!
Millennials are killing libraries now
Man, this tweet never gets old, but at the same time, didn’t age well at all.
Harry Potter was a trust fund jock who married his high school sweetheart and became a cop.
March Madness summed up in one photo
Hold Daddy's Redbull.
My almost 15 year old best bud. Wanted to share him with the world.
Take that, hot girl.
Demon Spider.
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Fisheye photo I shot of the Atlas V / GOES-S launch from roughly 300ft away. My lens was destroyed, but the photo was worth it!
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I’m getting chills in my neck watching this
Irish dancing
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Britain will punish Putin's oligarch cronies with new sanctions after spy poisoning
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TIL George Lucas thought Steven Spielberg's "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" would out perform Star Wars so he proposed they trade 2.5% of the profit on each other's films; Spielberg took the trade, and still receives 2.5% of the profits from Star Wars.
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Playground device of death (x-post from peoplefuckingdying)
12 years on disability, 7 years sober, 300lbs lost in 2 years and next week I move to NYC to start a new Job. Keep looking up and keep moving forward!!
79 njklein58 For some reason it makes me think of the apartments in Coruscant.
1294 torpidcerulean Is it just me or do home theater posts always bring out the most criticism in this sub?
318 DrumZildjian71 ITT: Reddit vs OP’s emojis, home theater edition
126 PersianBob Do you have any info on those love seats? Thanks
50 SpaceOdysseus I love it! it's,like, "Star Trek: The Next Generation" chic
748 [deleted] And a skylight to get the authentic home theater screen glare XD
17 jigielnik I'd love to see how this looks at night!
295 spartyparty00 Why are the seats off center?
2602 IdRatherBeTweeting This looks great, however it has some practicality problems. First, there is no seating in the optical or acoustic center of the room. The viewer will be looking at the screen from an angle and will be much closer to one speaker than the other. When there is a second viewer, that person will be even further off center or on the other side of the room. I’d rather have one couch in the center than two off-center couches. Second, the drop-down screen isn’t really necessary. Are people going to sit on those couches and stare at a blank wall instead? I’d rather have a cheaper, high quality fixed screen instead. Overall very well executed but just not as practical as it could be. EDIT: Yes having the gap between the couches makes it easier to walk without stooping over. Personally, I'd rather stoop for a second and enjoy my 2 hour movie from the proper perspective. EDIT 2: Wow, so many people saying this is an example of how this sub is overly critical. I said at the beginning and the end that this was well-executed. I simply said I prefer to sit in front of my TV rather than an angle. I think that is a reasonable criticism for a function-specific room like this.
21 shichae Nice setup! Having had a few lofts that went unused save for storage after the novelty wore off, let me add to the list: “all the summertime heat you can loathe”.
28 GotZah Hey /u/kierdavis, I appreciate your posting this onto reddit for us to see. I hope the other commenters haven't turned you off from sharing future work. I get how client work can be frustrating sometimes, and it's baffling how some commenters think you can strongarm a client into doing something logical. There are simply some cases where you do what you must to get paid and have a positive experience with a client. Keep it up, and ignore the haters.
29 peesinthepool For what it’s worth, I love it! Whose ever home it is, is very lucky!
16 scriptkitty1337 dibs sitting in the middle on a chair
23 hahanoob I really hope you keep sharing your work because this is great even if it's not exactly optimal or how some others would have done it. It's a cool looking space regardless.