US soldiers in Vietnam hear the radio report that they're going home
Kitty paws
?????? /r/NatureIsFuckingLit just hit 600,000 subs! Let's raise $6,000 for the Animal Welfare Institute, the top charity the community voted to support! Info on how to donate in comments.
Some people should never have been given photo software
I see all of your cool dads, and raise you my cool mom with her firebird. Sometime around early 80's
World of Warcraft cosplay before & after
TIL despite being dead, Agatha Christie was able to save a life in 1977 when a nurse who'd read her book 'The Pale Horse' that described thallium poisoning so well that the nurse could diagnose a baby the doctors couldn't. Thallium was found in the baby, and she was given treatments, saving her
Kid at my school brags about his "music studio" gets called out.
NSFW TIFU by sticking it in my girlfriend's shitter (NSFW)
Stormstrooper Cosplay
Alligator lizard fighting back from inside the belly of a King snake
Ralphie the Newfie
My friend met Elijah Wood at comic con
Ken M on free sausage
Kobe's insight on the President
Look at me! I'm a real fancy boy!
US bombers fly close to North Korea to show "president has many military options to defeat any threat" - Pentagon
[Text] One day you will be grateful that things didn't work out the way you once wanted them to. Never give up, work hard, dream big!
Bad Kitty
MRW I arrive in Puerto Rico
They ate an ENTIRE 24" PIZZA! The absolute MADMEN!
Ready for my first day of school!
My new desk's parts came separated by steps instead of by item.
HMB Guys in shock
Girl smashes a beer on her face, then drains it
leaving your door unlocked at a safari park
Cyclist gets tossed into river after pushing down another rider in a race
UN solution for a pollution free planet: polluters should pick up the bill. “The profit of destroying nature or polluting the planet is nearly always privatized, while the costs of polluting the planet or the cost of destroying ecosystems is nearly always socialized,”
Most evilbuildings in the world- #1 will shock you!
Salvation for dummies
2017 is coming to an end and it has been 1250 days now since Flint,MI has had clean water
[Postgame Thread] NC State Defeats Florida State 27-21
PsBattle: A tit and showing off it's prey
wholesome pubg
Judi Dench To Join Kenneth Branagh's 'Artemis Fowl'
I spend most of my time alone at home so if I ever get accused of a crime, I probably won't have an alibi ??
Cleaning up Space Trash.
Tripped up but self-saved.
[Slusser] A's catcher Bruce Maxwell is kneeling for the National Anthem. He's the first MLB player to do so. Maxwell has hand on heart, facing flag
5681 SirLenzalot Whose balls do I have to fondle to get my own plaque when I threw that empty bottle over my shoulder and into the proper recycling bin?
1598 whosthedoginthisscen This happened to me on a NYC subway during a morning commute many years ago, except there WERE people to witness my recovery, yet no one looked up, which was somehow even more embarrassing. It was a rainy day, and a 6 train had just pulled into the station. I swiped my card and bolted for the train just as the door closing warning bell rang. With just seconds to spare, I leaped into the car, and my leading foot landed on the slick floor of the car just as my hand grabbed the pole. Unfortunately, the floor was wet and muddy enough that my foot had no traction and I did a 360 around the pole on one slippery foot, leaving a huge arc in the dirty floor, but I never lost my handhold, so I stayed mostly upright. I looked around for some commiseration or at least acknowledgement from the other passengers, but I got nothing. No one even looked up. This, my friends, is how you can be surrounded by 8 million people yet feel desperately lonely.
6125 TooShiftyForYou Same sign maker [left this one.](
261 mystriddlery If no one saw this, then we know who made this plaque, and we know she likes to talk in the third person.
257 audiate I had a near miss once. It would occasionally get very windy where I grew up. Like tree toppling windy. One exceptionally windy day I was getting into my moms car. I was a kid and just a bit taller than the roof of the car. I dropped my discman and bent down to pick it up. At that exact moment a gigantic tree branch broke off and slammed onto the roof of the car. Based on the trajectory of the branch and where it hit, had I not bent down it would have crushed my head or neck between the branch and the top of the door jam. TLDR: Dropping my discman on a windy day saved my life.
69 drvondoctor Sometimes, weird shit happens when you're driving. I was driving on an empty highway at 2 am(ish) once, and the road was slick from a small rainshower earlier that evening. There i am driving along when suddenly i hydroplaned pretty hard. I lost control for a second and spun *hard* i did a complete 540 spin and my car just shut off. There i was facing the wrong way on an empty highway. My life had flashed before my eyes, dumped all my adrenaline, and i just sat there stunned for a second. Then reality came back and it was like "well... that happened" so i turned my car back on, made a u-turn, and drove home. It was a real moment... and noone was there. In the end... something happened... but *nothing happened.* That was a weird feeling.