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602 AwesomeDaPossum Where was this taken specifically. Very nice shot
347 ross-svh-photo Edit: for those wondering, this is Glacier Peak seen from near Rainier, NOT Rainier itself. I grabbed this shot up near Sunrise Visitor Center last year around summertime. We had spend the night down by Tipsoo Lake and after waking up in a sea of fog I knew we had to try to get higher. If any of you have driven the road up to Sunrise Visitor Center you know it’s not one that you can “rush” and unfortunately we got to watch the best colors of sunrise from the car as we did our best to prevent getting carsick going around the sharpest corners you can imagine. The colors had faded, but early morning light was just starting to kiss the mountaintops as we arrived at the visitor center. I grabbed my back and started running up the hill to try and get a good vantage point. After what felt like forever and nearly dying I finally reached the top and views like this were in all directions. What an amazing morning! As always, thanks for viewing! If you would like to see more of my photos please feel free to follow me on [Instagram]( or check out my website Shot Info: Nikon D610 w Nikon 70-300 f/4-5.6 ISO100, 300mm, f/8, 1/1250 For those curious why I am posting from a different username - Reddit keeps shadowbanning me for some reason and won’t reply, so I guess I had to make a new account.
73 Daisydanceparty This makes me want to quit my jobs, sell my car and hop on a plane immediately.
18 GiveMeTheTape Makes me think of that poem from the Conan short stories. ---- I remember The dark woods, masking slopes of sombre hills; The grey clouds' leaden everlasting arch; The dusky streams that flowed without a sound, And the lone winds that whispered down the passes. . Vista on vista marching, hills on hills, Slope beyond slope, each dark with sullen trees, Our gaunt land lay. So when a man climbed up A rugged peak and gazed, his shaded eye Saw but the endless vista - hill on hill, Slope beyond slope, each hooded like its brothers. . It was a gloomy land that seemed to hold All winds and clouds and dreams that shun the sun, With bare boughs rattling in the lonesome winds, And the dark woodlands brooding over all, Not even lightened by the rare dim sun Which made squat shadows out of men; they called it Cimmeria, land of Darkness and deep Night. . It was so long ago and far away I have forgot the very name men called me. The axe and flint-tipped spear are like a dream, And hunts and wars are shadows. I recall Only the stillness of that sombre land; The clouds that piled forever on the hills, The dimness of the everlasting woods. Cimmeria, land of Darkness and the Night. . Oh, soul of mine, born out of shadowed hills, To clouds and winds and ghosts that shun the sun, How many deaths shall serve to break at last This heritage which wraps me in the grey Apparel of ghosts? I search my heart and find Cimmeria, land of Darkness and the Night.
17 stenarilainen Happy little mountains. Everyone needs a friend. :)
61 AshSlashem This is some Bob Ross shit.
14 smerfylicious Just so everyone is aware, the mountain in the picture is NOT Mt. Rainier. That is Glacier Peak. This picture was taken FROM Mt. Rainier, not OF Mt. Rainier.
56 xrnzrx Zoom in to see the blocks
7 Allredythere Getting a real "Fellowship of the Ring" vibe from this. Thanks for sharing!
5 c_o_n_E Lots and lots of happy little trees
5 Malinut Must be why they call the range The Cascades. I'm from the UK, I drove 'round that area in '01, it's beautiful. Kamloops, Seattle, Mt Rainier, Mt St Helens... wow I said at the time, it was a blast.
8 eussypater Bob Ross rip off
3 borninawigwam Mt. Rainier is so majestic
4 gjbbb We were there last summer when they found the remains of a previous winter hiker. It kind of put a damper on the whole trip.
3 Canaan-Aus got to the summit last week. great to see this. I assume you took it more than 1 week ago since a storm has since come through
3 saiaiam I have hiked Mt Rainier, it's beautiful ! This shot is Amazing !
3 MaxwellVolume42 Ogres are like clouds in the mountains