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5600 rnjbond Smart. It bothers me when someone asks to switch seats and they have a significantly worse seat... I'm not leaving an aisle seat in the emergency row to sit in a middle seat next to the bathrooms. But worse when they act angry at you for not switching.
610 BuffaloSabresFan That is a great response. My last flight there was a woman sit in my seat when I boarded because they wanted to be next to their husband, but they gave me the Exit row versus a standard seat. I was ok with it, since I got extra legroom.
7302 Fruitstripe68 YES!!!! Glad you spoke up.
1184 antecubital_fossa I had my first flight last summer and was pretty nervous while boarding the plane and taking my assigned seat. I was in a three-seater row with one other woman. She had the window and I had the aisle, no one in the middle. She noticed I was nervous and asked if I had ever flown before, so I told her no. Then, in the sweetest southern accent I have ever heard she yelled out "Well gosh little doll you gotta have the window then!" and let me switch seats with her. She held my hand through take off and the turbulence we hit (I was shaking with fear so it was an incredibly kind and comforting gesture, not creepy at all) and bought me a drink just before landing to celebrate my first flight being a success. She was such a sweet lady and her kindness has left a lasting impression on me.
302 heatguyred I’ve had the opposite happen to me. Got asked to switch seats in economy, to another in economy, then in that seat, I got asked again by a different couple, and then I ended up in Sky priority zone.
2416 DeltaPositionReady The difference between economy and business class prices is staggering. I'm flying economy from San Francisco to Auckland in August and seats are ~$1500 AUD. Business class is $8000 AUD.
1445 TheMer0vingian Similar situation happened to me a couple months back: Board a flight, arrive at my standard economy window seat, just how how I like it. See a young woman sitting in my seat sleeping or pretending to be sleeping despite just having boarded the flight herself 5 minutes earlier Double check my ticket Yep definitely my seat... Me: "Umm excuse me m'am" Her: No response, still "asleep" Me: I gently nudge her shoulder (risky move, I know), louder voice "Excuse me m'am" Her: Hesitantly turns and looks at me Me: "Hi, sorry but that is my seat" Her: Now clearly irritated, rummages through her purse and pulls out her ticket and looks at it "oh, yeah... it looks like I'm just in the middle seat here. Do you want to just switch seats to make it easier?" Me: ...... "Uhhh... No that's ok, but thanks for offering" (why am I still so polite to people being douches?) Her: Visibly irritated now, rolls her eyes and sighs in exasperation. Reluctantly gets up to let me in. Never ceases to amaze me how selfish and entitled people can be.
1052 frostygreenleaves The same thing happened to me last year! I had a 4-5 hour flight from Austin to Toronto. I get to my gate and see an angry man arguing with the attendant but don't pay too much attention. After about five minutes my name is called up to the desk and I go up. Apparently the angry man had bought a ticket in business class and wanted to move his friend (who was in economy) up to sit beside him. However, the plane was full. He was demanding she kick someone out of business class. She refused, obviously. BUT she figured that since it was so important to him to sit beside his friend, she could move the angry man to economy. She turned to me and asked if I would like to move up to business class for free. I 100% said yes immediately. The angry man didn't look happier but he didn't complain anymore and just sulked with his friend. He paid double for economy and I got business class for cheap!
564 dootdootplot Classic judgment of Solomon.
379 KingOf_ImNotSureLand Once a young man asked me to switch with me, for the exact same reason : "I want to sit next to my wife ". I accepted on the spot, never checked the boarding pass he gave me and get my bag. The. I saw the seat number : 3x. Yip, it was business. The company bought him a business ticket yet he could not afford one for his wife. It was an awkward moment. The flight attendant was nice enough when I asked to get a lot of snacks etc to them from business. And it was quite a fine 4 hrs in business.
687 IssaLlama I've had someone do this to me. Im like. Yeah... just cover the difference and ill move
163 Scary-Movie In high school I want on a school trip with some classmates to Ireland. It was a long flight, so I paid the extra fee to switch my middle seat to a window. One of my classmates asked to trade seats so that she could sit with her friend. I made it clear I was only willing to go through with the trade if she didn't have a middle seat, and she promised me she didn't. Of course, her seat was a middle. I appologized and asked for my seat back, but she insisted that if I wanted a different seat, I should ask someone else to trade. She refused to move until I threatened to involve the flight attendant. She didn't seem to understand how rude it would be to ask a stranger to give up their window or aisle for a middle.
1569 Cunova I had an aisle seat flying economy from London to Vancouver Canada. I knew it wasn’t going to be a comfy 9 hours (at least) but I thought as a 6’ tall girl this will be somewhat less cramped. I was running late so the plane was pretty much full when I boarded. When I got to my seat this lady was already sitting in my aisle seat. I double checked my ticket before politely asking if maybe she was in the wrong seat this lady looked me straight in the eyes and said “honey I’m going to ask that you take the window seat from me. I have the runs and this flight isn’t going to be pleasant for any of us.” The girl who was in the middle seat gave me a look that seemed to be a thousand cries for help. I just shrugged and snuck past her to the window seat. Yeah this lady wasn’t lying, she was up at least every half hour of this 9 hour flight to the washroom. She did buy me and the middle seat girl a glass of over priced wine for being so calm about the whole thing. So that’s a plus. Not too much of a inconvenience anyways but I get that some people want to have that room and I mean we all paid the same for a ticket so at that point so it wasn’t a bullshit move like this lady tried to pull
692 ciocanmihai That's such a good way to handle it
144 gurenkagurenda I too like to go up to strangers and ask them if they'll give me a thousand dollars.
503 lonelady75 Wow, worst I ever had was a woman ask me to go and sit in the middle section (not middle seat), so her husband could take the window seat beside hers. I was flying alone, I could have done it I suppose, but I _love_ flying and I _love_ the window seat. This was a long flight, and I had actually paid extra to choose my seat early because I wanted a window seat for my 14 hour flight. I just love staring out the window. The thing is, the woman kept dimming the window (I'd never seen windows like this, you pressed a button and it got dimmer or brighter). Like, i would be blissfully staring out the window and she would reach over, press the button and say "not healthy... " Very annoying.