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3443 jfcsuperstar This makes me so sad. I found two kittens in my neighborhood and gave them to a coworker and her boyfriend. I'd known both for about six months. The kittens stayed one night before her bf said he didn't want one of them because it was "too mean." A kitten. He was like four inches total. Fast forward two or so months, my coworker mentioned the kitten he kept was hurt. She said she didn't want to show me the picture. She was ashamed. When I saw it, I gasped. He was missing his fucking bottom lip. The bf said his claw got stuck in his lip which was bullshit (the vet said he'd only seen something like on dogs who'd jumped out of trucks on the highway). I eventually was able to convince them to give me the cat back after two weeks of trying to have them let me pay for him to go to vet. They wouldn't take him. When I got him back, his fucking tail was snapped in two with an inch thick hematoma formed where it was broken. He had fractures all over his tiny head, and his jaw was swollen and torn. I tried to file an animal abuse report but because he didn't have a broken leg, the vet I could afford for the thousand dollar procedures didn't want to comment on it, even though he agreed it was animal abuse. Really weird and I still want to press charges. Like, can you imagine? That poor kitten suffered in pain for weeks. His fucking tail was dying by the time I got him. I hope they're both fucking miserable and die horribly. Anyways, my family named him Tiger and now he's a cutie who happens to be missing a lip and a tail, with a bumpy head but he's a happy, spastic cat who gets tons of cuddles and lap time now. Plus he's back with his brother, Gizmo. Edit: They don't have either cat. I was able to keep both of them and now probably will inadvertently live on a farm so I have enough room for every stray I come across because I'm too afraid of re-homing them to abusers. I thought I knew these people and I was terribly wrong. Edit 2: Thank you for all the kind responses! <3 I'm sorry to those of you who've lost your pets recently, too. My heart goes out to you and your families. Here are some pics of the rescues we have. Tiger's post op pics are at the bottom, but the lip surgery didn't take so his lip fell back down. We didn't take any before pics - it was a pretty distressing situation we wanted over with ASAP and immediately took him to the vet. He's actually laying in front of me as I type this. :]
2717 Liyana_sketch Oh My God. What a sweet kitty. I made a sketch: [sweetie](
192 LuisSATX Wonder how it affected eating and drinking
458 givenblue My heart
71 sonters The top right picture is really channeling Dustin from Stranger Things
62 very_regular We have a cat like that. Stray, broken jaw, terrible infection, obviously hadn't eaten a thing in ages, skinny as a broomstick, must have been almost dead. But he had the strength to climb up on our fence and accost me at my door one evening after work and loudly beg me, cat to man, for a little decency. I couldn't say no. I paid the vets a pile of cash and they filled him full of painkillers and antibiotics and fluids, pulled some of his teeth, wired his jaw back together, took his balls off (hey, there's a cost for everything), and eventually handed us back a very good, very smart, very slobbery cat who looks you right in the eye and communes with you.
75 Doctor_M_Toboggan Awww. That same thing happened to my cat Dexter in college, minus the broken leg. He looked just like the first pic when he came home one night, except there was lots of blood. Then by the morning he licked it all off and looked just like pic #1. I went to three different vets and the first two said surgery would cost $2-4K and said he would most like lose a few teeth. Finally the third place did it for $1200 and he kept all his teeth. He had his jaw wired shut for 5 weeks, then made a full recovery. Miss that guy.