Swedish newspaper says Avicii is dead.
Swedish DJ Avicii Dead at 28
Getting fitted for a uniform
The polished foil ball worth making...
Avicii has died - link in swedish
God of War's director, Cory Barlog, reacting to the high review scores for the game
I figured this sub would appreciate my grad cap from last year!
Democratic Party files suit alleging Russia, the Trump campaign, and WikiLeaks conspired to disrupt the 2016 election
Avicii är död
9-week old Maine Coon kittens, waiting for their vet check
My son’s preschool photo
In case of technical difficulties, please pull the tongue out multiples times until the system reboot
Concerned mom watching her puppies.
Watching her puppies.
Doctor appointment at 8:20, currently 10:00, still no sign of even a nurse.
It's not a story the Jedi would tell
My Father's Kindergarten School Picture (1975)
It feels nice to give back
The Legend of Old Gregg
TIL that in 1973 the Who’s drummer Keith Moon passed out mid-show. The band continued without him for several songs before Townshend asked, "Can anyone play the drums? – I mean somebody good?" 19 year old Scot Halpin, who had bought scalped tickets came up and played the rest of the show.
WWI flying aces take to the skies.
Thats what i came for.
"I need the worst possible style for my head shape." "I got you fam."
Tiny Shiba Inu puppy tippytaps
Kitty masseuse
Clear ball is the Sun. Blue balls are Earth
Some people just don’t care about anything
Doggo has wares if you have coin
Classic rob
Dwight's Drug Investigation - The Office US
Barbarity vs Civilisation, by René Georges Hermann-Paul, 1899
Starting 4/20 right with this massive joint I rolled
Anon accidentally makes friends
Onward, noble steed!
[Poetry] How Starbucks Trains Employees About Race
The only people forced to see anti-piracy warnings are the people who don't pirate movies.
Yaqob, is that you?
Mrw my favorite porn star retires after years of service
LPT: If you're someone who finds it hard to get started on a task, tell yourself you'll do it for 30 minutes only. You have given yourself permission to stop after 30 minutes, but the likelihood is you'll carry on.
Run in a glass maze. WCGW?
9269 Xwarsama Is she talking about Batman? Because it sounds like she's talking about Batman.
3027 thanks_daddy Don't associate with people that do this, seriously. Some people are legit hurting and they need help. Bring them back up. However, some people go out of their way to get hurt, because they're nothing with out it. Cut them out of your life. If you see someone hurting, reach out. If they decline, and stay pretty silent, they might just need time/reassurance. If they decline, and then constantly post bullshit about nobody caring about them, they're just looking for attention. I've helped a lot of people out, but I've also put a lot of effort into people that didn't appreciate it. Edit: I'm not talking about people that legitimately need help, but people that create an entire personality around a victim complex. Like, I know from my own personal experience, that some people throw stuff out there like that, because they don't know how to properly cope/heal. I've dealt with that for a long time, and I was honestly someone that did this for a long time. I'm more talking about the people that have problems, don't fix them, don't try to fix them, purposely make them worse, then put shit on Facebook asking about why things are so bad. It's the difference between complaining because you got shot, and complaining about how you purposefully shot yourself in the leg, didn't go to the hospital, and complaining about how it hurts and is infected.
2019 AndroWanda Hardest thing I ever did was forgive my dad for abandoning my sister and I. What's worse is when I reconnected with him I learned his childhood was more fucked up than mine...we got too many broken men breaking their children.
1049 Nowthatisfresh By 'depressed people' standards I'm a ray of sunshine but take away the depression and I'm just a kind mid-20's piece of shit.
449 [deleted] [removed]
440 Cpt-Planet22 I now know why Donald Duck won't heal me in Kingdom Hearts
333 ComradeBusters It took me years before I was ready to move past it. Healing felt like I was giving up on my past and who I was. I'm glad I was wrong, though.
240 pixeltarian More like, abusers make you think they have your identity and won’t give it back. It takes a long time to realize you do have it inside of you but your identity is fractured. It’s not even fear, it is “I literally don’t know where ‘me’ is.” The proof it is not fear is that when you see a glimpse of who you are and that your abuser does not actually have it or own it, you will be ready to destroy worlds with all the fury of hell and glory of heaven to recover it. To recover the self. I’ve tried a lot of things to treat mental illness. Some things helped a little. Some things did the opposite and made my symptoms worse. After 17 years of trial and error, this is what is working for me. These are all self disciplines (also, I’m not against medication. medication can help with symptom management and free up resources to build/learn these skills). 1. Meditation We’ve all heard it’s good. I can honestly say, for me, that this is not what directly heals things. It provides the vital space to heal. For me it is to build a workshop that I feel free to play and build in without shutting down or freezing when stress happens. I recommend alternating between mindfulness (more silent and sustained focus, building non attachment) and gratitude based meditation. 2. Nonviolent Communication This is foundational because it helps me listen for feelings and needs, refrain from judgments, and build up an impeccable understanding of things that are NOT feelings and needs, but often thought of as such. This is the language skill that helps with everything else. 3. Reparenting the self. This is a bit strange but it has helped me more than anything (and I could make a long list of things I’ve tried). I basically visit my “selves” (or parts of me), and bring them comfort, words they needed to hear and, for lack of a better term, salvation. To protect, care for, and recover my “selves” that have been traumatized. 4. Internal Family Systems As a person who tried everything, I avoided this one because I thought it would require me to talk to my family. Holy cow I wish someone told me that has nothing to do with it years ago! It’s an extension of reparenting, and is a way to relate to your internal “parts.” Like the judging voice, the child voices, and the lost aspects of self. The goal is to reintegrate “exiles” that your survival mechanisms abandoned, and once you begin locating and integrating these exiles, it feels automatic, like my brain was waiting for the green light for this activity, but just needed me to demonstrate that the timing is right. I share this in hopes that maybe just one person will have some success and I could save someone the pain and suffering I went through for so long. I won’t go into it, but I’ll say it was very bad and I’m lucky to still be alive.
166 Juswantedtono I’m going back to studying, this meme just made procrastinating not fun
119 All-TimeGringo Reasons this rings so true even though it's just unscientific pop psych garbage lifted from a copy of Marie Claire: 1. Traumatized people often have low self-esteem which biases them towards blaming themselves for all their problems - or believing others who do the same. 2. Victimizers will believe anything that puts the blame for the problems they've caused on someone else. 3. Everyone else wants an excuse not to help the traumatized - it's their own fault they aren't healed.
111 smash__lampjaw This is too real. I've been in therapy for a few years, just started seeing a new therapist like 8 months ago because I wasn't making progress with my previous one. After about 4 sessions with this new guy he was like, "I have to point out something I've noticed, you frequently bring up really traumatic things that have happened to you." I was like, "yeah, this is therapy, isn't that what you do? Reference the shit you went through and how it affected you?" He was like, "yeah that can be helpful and it's important to recognize it, but the point isn't to find the source of the trauma and say 'ok there it is, end of story', it's to identify how you react to the trauma and change the way you react to it." It seems really obvious now but that was mindblowing at the time. It's just really easy to blame the way you feel and how you react to those feelings on trauma.