Reddit’s The_Donald Was One Of The Biggest Havens For Russian Propaganda During 2016 Election, Analysis Finds
Nice try...
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When i check on my OC meme after a few hours
Let's give Russia a taste of its own medicine
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Dad helping his blind son to enjoy a football match
LPT: When browsing, you can replace "en" with "simple" to bring up simple English wikipedia, where everything is explained like you're five.
Not a care in the world
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Thank god for twitter
There have been 241 posts in /r/The_Donald linking directly to the twitter account @TEN_GOP, which we know from yesterday's indictment was a fake account controlled by Russian operatives.
This vvv goodgirl told some drunk guy to do a heck and don’t come in our apartment last night.
2008 Ubahootah God, my mother gets upset whenever I call her out for it. I work in retail, mom, I know when you're being difficult. Don't yell at customer service, that makes them want to help you *less*.
482 SubstantialStuff My grandma does that all the time... "Well, my goodness, I come out to eat at this establishment, and I expect excellent customer service!" o____o
1389 elena1099 I hate this so much I want to cry
2558 crowscountingspades You don't have to be a teenager to experience this angst. 59 here. But I have a wife who believes it's okay to argue with retail staff about any issue there might be, like confusing signage (making it look like 'this is a sale item' when it isn't) or whether her coupon should be valid or whatever. She gets so agitated. I keep telling her: THIS person is just following the rules; they're just doing their job. If you want to complain, ask to see a store manager but leave the poor worker bee alone -- they can't help you!!! And now that we're on this...I just remembered, my MOTHER is the same way (and now it's all coming back to many times growing up I wanted her to just shut her trap but instead, she berates the waitress, clerk or other service worker. So embarrassing. So aggravating -- and there's no reasoning with her.) And now...oh my god...the realization sets in...did I MARRY MY MOTHER?
567 elliotman48 Most fucking relatable meme of 2018
207 CamenSeider Got kicked out of my house for confronting my mom about this
80 silversly5 I have a brother like this. I walk away like I don’t know him, then I come back and tip or tell the manager that my bro is an absolute ass and that the employee did nothing wrong. He is what could more than likely be the definition of “the customer is always right” in the Urban Dictionary.
351 YunngMa I have a narcissist dad and he pulls this shit everywhere . People in the street walking, people in their cars , coffee shops,grocery stores... *EVERYWHERE* It's embarassing as fuck .
310 alphareich Apologize for her behavior in front of her and the person. That should embarrass her more then you were and worst case scenario they know at least you're not an asshole. And if she gets upset with you for doing that then she's just a bitch and it shouldn't bother you if she's mad.
52 JenkinKhan My dad is like this every time we go out together, he's such a huge douche when interacting with usually anyone in the service industry.Like they're not being paid enough at least be nice to them and enough with the pretentiousness. And yet he wondered why I don't go out with him.
54 marcm6246 Oh my god this. I had a horrible experience like this once but it was with my dad. Our meal was taking a long time to get to us and okay that's frustrating, but it is what it is... My dad was steadily getting more and more frustrated and my dad is the type that just builds up angst until he explodes. I kept trying to calm him down but it was no use... Our poor waitress comes by our table to apologize about the delay and my dad starts basically yelling at her and I felt so bad because this shit was out of her control. So our food finally shows up and I got a different meal than what I ordered... But it still looked good! So I was like whatever, but upon hearing it wasn't what I ordered my dad hails over the waitress and she comes by and he's, again, yelling at her about fucking up my order, etc etc... At this point I was like "dad calm down it's okay" and he was like "NO IT'S NOT THAT'S NOT WHAT YOU ORDERED!" and I was like "it's okay it looks good!" and he was like "DOESN'T MATTER IF IT LOOKS GOOD YOU DIDN'T ORDER THAT"... Anyways when we went to leave I could see our waitress in the kitchen crying with her coworker hugging her. I felt awful and so fucking embarrassed.
89 Ducks_Eat_Bread Someone explain to me why it seems like so many middle aged women are just awful?