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TIL a Dutch student once 'faked' a gap year as part of a university project to show how social media is not reflective of real life. Using edited/staged pictures, she created an illusion on Facebook she was travelling around South East Asia for over a month. In reality, she never left her apartment.
'Utterly horrifying': ex-Facebook insider says covert data harvesting was routine.
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2060 f7sharp11 Had a QA department once that would stop testing a release as soon as they found 1 bug. The rationale was, further testing was a waste because that build isn't going out.
781 FatOilyGuy That feeling when you see the QA shaking his head with disapproval when he checks out your feature. *hello darkness my old friend*
846 Vakieh It's worse than that. They don't kill it - they tell you to. It's like being told to take your puppy out to the river and drown it.
228 wdalphin Last place I worked, the development team looked at me like I was the grim reaper. They'd see me coming and whisper, "Please don't be coming for me." When I worked on Adobe Livemotion 2, I found that if you minimized the application, then adjusted your screen resolution, when you maximized the application, all the palettes were missing. I reported it, only to have the palette developer say during a triage, "Nobody's going to do this." I told him, "I did this. And if I did this, I guarantee you someone else will." I wasn't even *trying* to find any issues, I just needed to change my screen resolution and happened upon it. The best part is, once you find some weird fluke like that, you know you've opened Pandora's Box and there's a dozen other bugs just like it waiting to be discovered. That same developer loved to say, "It's not a bug, it's a feature." Hyuck. I really hated that joke. Our job isn't just to verify that the program works the way it should when used in the way you're supposed to... it's also to verify that the program works the way it should when you use it in ways you're not supposed to.
109 rockbud QA gets a bad rap. If shit fails on release then it's "why do we have this department". If they halt a release because of bugs or whatever "they are holding us up". They can't win It's the I need to walk on egg shells team
227 daneelr_olivaw That was the butterfly that causes the tornado in prod.
57 Throwthisawayyy6 Relatable. Except my QA is the CEO and the feature requester is the CEO. Mans too busy to remember his own requests
48 LammergeierAteMyBone This portrays QA folks as mean, uncaring bug squashing machines, but personally I LOVE my QA team at all my jobs. They're awesome and they help me keep my job by ensuring that I'm not shipping something to the customer that would piss them off and make them look for a new development company.
1239 FriendlyKush He said found a bug because he caught the butterfly and a butterfly is a bug.
37 Kratzyyy That sinking feeling you get in your stomach when the email comes though because a QA engineer moved your JIRA ticket to "Testing rejected" for the 3rd time that week.
500 h8fulgod Test your shit, code monkey.
36 grungalung Guys, the butterfly isn’t the bug. The fact that it can be broken by a user with a simple loosely timed hand clap is the bug. Make it stronger next time.
179 NameNotFoundError This is not a bug. It is a feature!